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10 Reasonable Things to Have in Mind on the Ease of the Lockdown Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The war against coronavirus is far from being over. In fact, 195 new cases were confirmed yesterday. Yet, free movement and resumption of work/businesses will start on Monday,4th of May 2020, in most parts of the country as announced by the President.

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10 Ways to Spend the Corona Virus Pandemic Period

Corona Virus Pandemic Period – Photo Source: https://www.medscape.com/

I personally believe that the decision to ease the lockdown basically was made in good faith and in response to the cries of the people over the attendant difficulties (mostly economic) of being at home for more than a month, and not necessarily because doing so was the best at the moment.

Another thing we need to notice is that there was a lockdown when we had less than 500 cases in less than 10 states but now relaxing the lockdown when we have over 1500 in about 34 states and FCT. Does that tell you something?

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10 things you should do are:

1. Your safety is now 100% your responsibility. You should do COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS of every of your reason(s) to go out this time and be certain that it is really important that you go and not at the cost of your safety and life.

2. If you can afford to continue to maintain your stay at home, please do. And if you must move about, do limit your movement to only safe places/essential activities, with the social distancing and other precautionary measures in full force. This is not the time for any needless ‘waka-waka’.

3. Don’t shake off the fear of the presence of Coronavirus as you move about, because the virus is still very much with us and in quantity sufficient to go round. Be conscious of this fact in all your dealings.

4. Even when you are careful, be mindful of those who are careless. This becomes particularly important if you have to be in such public places as hospitals, markets, parks, banks, ATM points, etc.

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5. Endeavour to have a minimum of two face masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer with you anywhere and everywhere you go and be mindful of shared services and crowded areas. Having these is also not a reason to be carefree.

6. Pay special attention to currency notes (money) as a very possible cause of transmission. Use of sanitizer each time you give and receive money is not out of place, please.

7. Evermore than before, try to invest on your nutritional status, particularly to boost your immune system to be in ‘battle-ready’ status ahead of any eventuality. Eating varied/diverse food across different food groups including good portions of fruits and vegetables is one way to achieve this.

8. Pay attention to your body system and be quick to notice any symptoms similar to those of Coronavirus in order to take appropriate steps and in a good time.

9. Find yourself reliable sources of genuine information and updates on coronavirus in Nigeria and particularly in your state of residence.

This will enable you to know among other things places with a history of the virus and the latest precautionary measures and instructions on how to stay safe.

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10. Your safety is now 100% your responsibility, not the governments. You should do COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS of every of your reason(s) to go out this time and be certain that it is really important that you go and not at the cost of your safety and life.

May God see us through this trying period, unhurt AMEN …

Stay safe everyone…

Thank you!

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  • aliulukman01 May 8, 2020

    It very good and unique idea


  • Horlarsco11 May 8, 2020

    Thanks for this amazing wisdom-filled write-ups.
    God bless you big time


  • raphealorjiekwe May 8, 2020

    I pray that this virus or pandemic we face now will be a story of the pass and as the day goes on may a new government come to be
    in Nigeria with good leaders who will take so much interest in the well-being of their citizens


  • Deborah25 May 7, 2020

    Wow, this is really helpful


  • Idanegbe Ose May 7, 2020

    There is a rising fear that the covid19 pandemic has come to stay. This is predicated upon the fact that with the increasing number of fatalities, the vaccine seems to be a mere tale that is told to bring respite.There is need for urgent and drastic steps to be taken


  • aliulukman01 May 7, 2020

    Yeah this good idea to masses


  • Damychris May 7, 2020

    Good information


  • Idanegbe Ose May 7, 2020

    I think covid19 pandemic has shown the gross inadequacy and unpreparedness in the health sector of countries all over the world. This should be a lesson for world leaders and the World Health Organisation in particular to always anticipate the worst. Mankind is at the brink of extinction. It’s time we all took drastic steps to out an end to this covid19 pandemic.


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