5 Tips for a Perfect GRE Issue Essay


This is the part of the GRE standardized test that traditionally causes the most problems. And here, you will not be able to buy an essay at and submit it as your own. After all, in the short 60 minutes, you need to try to complete two types of tasks: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument, which is essentially essays. Today we are going to talk about the intricacies of writing these papers and give you some tips.

How to Write a Perfect GRE Issue Essay?

So, how do you start writing a GRE essay? First of all, you need to write out your thoughts on the topic offered briefly. Then, you need to make a brief outline of the essay so that your ideas’ presentation is logical and the essay has a thoughtful structure. If you have already decided what position you will take, work on persuasive arguments. If, for some reason, you cannot find a suitable argument, try to take a different point of view. GRE examiners only care to see your ability to think logically and argue your point of view, not to find out how you really think. For the structure to be clear, you need to divide your text into paragraphs correctly and be sure to use words so that you can see the transition from one thought to another.

Sometimes, those who take the GRE overuse showing off their excellent vocabulary. Everything must be in balance, do not allow an overabundance of beautiful phrases. Otherwise, the form will simply displace the content. The essay should be easy to read, and your idea should not hide behind numerous beautiful metaphors. You should also avoid special terms, specific vocabulary such as jargon or slang in your essays. And remember: you can make a joke in your essay only once, and that’s if the joke is original and appropriate, but by no means should you turn your GRE essay into a hilarious joke.


Tips for Writing GRE Issue Essays

  • You can only achieve perfection by practice. Try to finish homework faster, and sit down to study the prompts and possible topics. In an ideal world, you should put yourself under test conditions, time yourself, and try to write your work in 30 minutes. By doing this kind of practice regularly, you will be able to get your hands in it, learn how to concentrate, and understand how long it takes you to complete your work.
  • It’s important to remember that a GRE issue essay is different from a classic essay about literary work reviews, etc. Here, it’s as if you need to sell your opinion to a very busy person and convince them of it. The main objective of such an essay is to convey information to the reader.
  • Use concrete examples, not imaginary, hypothetical situations. If the entire assignment is built on a “what if” structure, your job is to make arguments that would easily argue that this fictional scenario has a chance of happening.
  • You have a deadline that is too strict for you to prove both sides of the problem in your essay. Choose the opinion you’re more in favor of, even if you don’t support it 100%. It’s better to have one well-proven opinion than to mumble something in between the two statements. It doesn’t matter as much which side you defend. In GRE issue essays, what matters is how you will defend it.
  • In the conclusion part, it’s a good time to present an opposing point of view, as if to make it clear that your perspective is not the only one that has a place. However, you should not question your arguments. On the contrary, you should refute the main arguments in favor of the other opinion in a few sentences and again briefly justify your thesis.


And finally, you should try to allocate your precious time in such a way that you have time left to review your work. If you find that you do not like a few sentences, you do not need to take drastic measures and rewrite them. Try to find rough mistakes, typos and correct them so that their presence does not complicate the integral perception of the essay. Don’t forget that a coherent structure and completeness of thought is better than having a few mistakes.

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