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6 Ways Blind People Know When to Stop Wiping their Butt

Have you ever wondered how blind people know when to stop wiping their butt?

It’s natural to have many strange questions in your mind when you see a blind man, so don’t worry about it.

Blind people are usually celebrated for studying their lifestyle and how they live and do all kinds of activities like normal people. The most interesting thing is that they can independently do many amazing things.

But before we talk about how blind people know when to stop wiping their buttocks, we need to mention the blind toilet.

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How a blind person knows when to stop wiping their buttocks

What is a Blind Person’s Toilet?

Like other assistive technologies designed to make life easier for the visually impaired, blind toilets are designed to make using the toilet comfortable for the visually impaired.

From bidet toilet seats to motion sensors to smart shower systems, bathrooms and toilets are easily accessible for the blind and visually impaired.

You can choose blind toilet or bathroom adaptation according to your preference. Whatever decision you make, ensure that the blind have access whenever they need to hear the call of nature.

Here’s a quick rundown of bathroom customizations to consider for blind friends, colleagues, and family.

Toilet Adaptations for the Blind

Install a Safety Rail by the Toilet

Accidents can occur even in the toilet, so you must ensure that the toilet has necessary safety features like safety rails to prevent falls and slips. You’ll find several safety rails that fit into your toilet size.

Also, use nonskid rugs and mats on the floor covering the toilet entrance. It is also part of the necessary safety features.

Accidents can also occur in toilets, so you need to make sure your toilet has the necessary safety features, such as safety rails to prevent falls and slips. There is

Also, place a non-slip rug or mat on the floor covering the toilet entrance. It is also one of the necessary safety features.

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Use Product Identification

Here you have to take strategic actions to help the blind person identify different objects in the toilet. For example, you can put a headband around your shampoo container to make it easier to identify.

The same goes for hand washing and soap. The soap-on-rope technique is a great strategy to help blind people identify hand soap after using the restroom.

How Does a Blind Person Know When to Stop Wiping their Butt?

By nature’s call, the blind wipe their buttocks just like any other human being to ensure that no fecal bacteria are present.

Not wiping your butt can lead to itching, anal discomfort, and an increase in urinary tract infections.

Blind people are therefore expected to wipe their buttocks after using the toilet to stay healthy and free of germs. However, because of their disability, they require certain techniques to know when to stop wiping their butts.

Blind people can wipe their buttocks with a cloth, toilet paper, bidet or water after using the toilet. It all depends on the person’s choice and the technique they feel most comfortable wiping their butt with.

So, here are some ways a blind person can determine when to stop wiping their butt.

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  1. How the Toilet Paper Feels

When a blind person wipes their bottom with toilet paper, the feel of the toilet paper tells them when to stop. What this means is this. The rougher the toilet paper used to wipe the feces, the cleaner the anus.

Best Way to Wipe your butt picture, photo source; www.cottonelle.com

2.   The Consistency of their Poop

The more poop you have, the more times you wipe your buttocks. It’s a simple logic used by blind people. Less poop means less poop is in there and you only need to clean it a few times.

  1. Their Stronger Senses

As a rule of thumb, loss of one sense usually enhances another. This is how blind people can smell and feel the absence of stool in their buttocks.

You can touch the bottom with your hand and check for feces. On the other hand, thanks to their vastly improved sense of smell, they can also sniff toilet paper and towels for feces.

  1. Asking Someone to Check for Them

Another way for blind people to know when to stop wiping their buttocks is to have someone else check. It could be her significant other or a friend. But a blind person would not make this request from an unfamiliar person. Note that pet dogs also fit in this context. It all boils down to the training it received.

Dogs have a good sense of smell and can check for poop in their buttocks.

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  1. Echolocation

Echolocation involves the process of sending audio signals to your ears.

Is how it works. Toilet paper with poop reflects sound differently than toilet paper without poop. Blind uses the difference in reflected sound to determine if there is leftover food in the buttocks.

It is convenient for blind people to take some toilet paper and fold it to wipe their buttocks.

Then blow air onto a clean piece of paper and listen to the sound it reflects.

After wiping your butt a few times, blow on the last toilet paper you used.

Test toilet paper with reflected sound to see if there is poop left on the paper. This cycle repeats until the droppings are gone.

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  1. The Sticky Technique

Blind people know when to stop wiping their butts when the toilet paper starts to stick to them. If the tissue isn’t sticking to your butt, it’s an indication that your butt is covered in feces.

This technique works and has helped many visually impaired people.

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