7 Relationship Rules


These 7 relationship rules are based on experience. They are the things a lady should never do in a relationship with her man so that she doesn’t lose her sense of self.

1. Do not discuss your family

Never ever tell you’re significant other the ugly things about your family. If you feel like talking about your family problems, I advise you to seek a counselor.

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7 Relationship Rules
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If you betray your family and talk about all the bs going on in your family to your boyfriend, he will disrespect you and disrespect your family, and he may even use it against you. Remember family can not be replaced!

2. Don’t get too comfortable

No matter how nice he treats you (compared to your exes) don’t ever get too comfortable. I remember, my mum always tells me to never lie flat in a man’s life, else he will walk all over me.

And that is so true because it happens every day in relationships and it happened to me (because I didn’t listen). A man will ask you to feel at home today and the next day he will make you feel uncomfortable.


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3. Refrain from being too available

No matter how much you love a man, or you think he loves you, never make yourself 100% available, 70%, 50% or even 40%! Yes, you read that right.

Remember you have your life to build and live — you have family, you have friends that matter, you have a career or something you love to do, you have goals — accomplish them. Invest your time in these things, because people come and go.

You have exes, don’t you? Right, they came and they left, and your life didn’t stop. So, why will you want to stop your life now for any man? If you ever pause your life for any man and make yourself overly available, in the end, he will waste your time, you’ll realize it and you’ll regret it.

4. Don’t love him too much

I know this seems absurd, but you will agree to this rule when you begin to see him act funny rather than appreciate your love.

Men always think that when we give too much we usually want something in return. Well, they are right but all we ever want in return is to be appreciated. When you give a man too much love, he may begin to feel suffocated, he may think it’s too good to be true or he may abuse it.

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5. Don’t show him you love him too much if you do

Like I mentioned in rule 4, if a man believes you love him too much, he will definitely abuse it and take it all for granted. Let him know you love him but don’t overdo it.

6. Don’t be too easy

The moment a man notices how easy you are, and how you always agree to everything he wants or says, he will not only disrespect you, he will play you like a ball.

7. Don’t chase a man

Never ever chase a man, let him come to you, and prove that he really wants you. Ever seen how a man acts so fast when he’s found the woman of his dreams? If he’s stalling it’s either he is not that into you or he is trying to compromise.

However, there are real men who know what it means to love and to be loved.

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I developed these rules after my previous relationship. When I got the inspiration and was writing it down, I realized how much of a big mistake I made and ever since it’s been an eye-opener. So, I have put this out here — perhaps, it could be of help to other ladies. Cheers!🥂

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