Barry University PA Program; Tuition / Cost, Requirements


Everything you need to know about Barry University PA Program; ; Tuition / Cost, Requirements and more…

Here in this article, you are going to find a detailed and comprehensive information on the Barry University PA Program, and this information will include admission requirements, cost, ranking, acceptance rate, clinical experience, and acceptance statistics.

Barry University PA Program; ; Tuition / Cost, Requirements

But first, here’s an overview of what the program is all about:


The Barry University PA Program, with campus in Miami Shores, FL, equips graduates will be physician assistant leaders in health care technology and clinical practice. The program educates students in the practice of collaborative medicine and encourages a lifetime of learning and professional development. It enables a technology-rich environment and clinical training experiences among diverse patient populations. The Program is geared towards enabling students to develop high level of competencies that is necessary in order to meet the health care needs of contemporary society.

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Barry University PA Program Admission Requirements

So, How Do I Get Admitted And What Are The Requirements for the Program?


To be eligible for admission into the Program, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree (any discipline) from an accredited institution
  • Have an overall GPA and science GPA equal to or higher than 3.0
  • Must have completed Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry – 3 credits (1 course)
  • Must have completed four semester hours ( plus 1 course with lab)of Microbiology
  • Must have completed General/Inorganic Chemistry – 6 credits (2 courses)
  • Must have completed at least six semester hours (2 courses) Human Anatomy & Physiology – 8 credits (2 courses with labs). Kinesiology, Environmental Engineering, and Exercise Science will not be accepted
  • Must have completed three additional semester hours (1 course) of Biological Science. Acceptable courses are: General Biology, Zoology, Human Genetics, Histology, or Cell/Molecular Biology
  • Completed at least six semester hours (2 courses) in Behavioral or Social Sciences. Only Psychology, Sociology, Human Growth and Development are accepted towards the behavioral science prerequisite. Anthropology, Humanities, and Criminology courses are not accepted.
  • Has taken the Graduate Record Examination (GRE); the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) may not be substituted for the GRE. Applicants whose GRE scores are more than 5 years old from matriculation must re-take the GRE and submit more recent scores. GRE scores must to be sent directly to the university by ETS to institutional code 5053, program code 0634 before the application is submitted. Applications without official GRE scores will remain impending status until they are received. GRE scores must be submitted no later than 30 business days after receipt of notification from Admissions Office.
  • Must have submitted official college transcripts from all institutions to CASPA for verification (prerequisite credits that are more than ten years old will not be considered);
  • Must have submitted three letters of recommendation, (from clinical work supervisors or clinical co-workers, and academicians);
  • Shown evidence of prior experience in health care is highly recommended;
  • Met the Program Technical and Professional Standards.

Applicants are mandated to have all prerequisite coursework completed with a grade not lower than C or higher before filing the application for submission. Any submitted applications with awaiting prerequisite coursework (including labs) will not be considered. No deviations or special waivers would be permitted for the prerequisite science requirement, no matter the educational background or professional experience of the applicant.

Applicant who forward in their applications for the program later than December 1st will not be considered for the program. All accepted applicants must submit two deposits of $500.00 each. Deposits are non-refundable.

Barry University PA Program Tuition / Cost

Studying for a degree in PA at Barry University is a bit pricey, considering it’s a private university, but when it comes to investing in your future, the price is worth the outcome. Below is the cost breakdown for the physician assistant degree program at Barry University:

  • Full time fees per year: $33,460.00
  • Student Accident Plan (mandatory per semester): $22.00
  • Technology Fee (mandatory per semester) : $75.00

There are a myriad of other fees to pay, and these range from lab fees, lost I.D Card fees, non-reversible late registration fees, transcript fees etc. Details for that can be found at the school website:

Barry University PA Program Ranking

Barry university PA program is ranked at #81.

Barry University PA Program Acceptance Rate

Depending on which calculator you use, the acceptance rate for the program is around 55.1% (2015-16), although it has risen to around 85% in recent years.

Barry University PA Program Clinical Experience

Mandatorily, each applicant must complete a minimum of 1,000 hours of clinical experience to be deemed qualified for application to the physician assistant studies. On the whole, certain types of clinical experience are more highly regarded by the program than others. Broader one-one experience with a variety of patients across the lifespan in a variety of situations and settings is considered stronger experience than narrowly focused technical experience.

However, experience working in back-office medical records departments or other experiences with no direct, one-on-one contact with patients is not acceptable.

Barry University PA Program Admission Statistics

Barry University has an admission statistic of 80-90 students. Thus, admission is highly competitive, meaning applicants need to work extremely hard in order to secure a spot for the program.

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