50 Best American Universities For International Students

See the 50 Best American Universities For International Students. USA remains the number one destination of study for international students.

The united states of America remains the number one destination of study for international students due to many reasons that goes beyond what happens in the class rooms.

According to Carter Coudriet in an article recently published by Forbes on 50 best American colleges and universities for international students;  Millions of undergrads the world over continue looking to American colleges and universities as the gold standard in higher education for International Students.

50 Best American Universities For International Students

He therefore ranks the 50 best American universities and colleges based on overall quality of Academics, international students population, international students graduation rate and percentage of students who pursue academic fields most popular among international students.

Studying in the U.S. to citizens of some countries in the world, especially those from the Third world means many things more than mere academics.

To some it means acquiring knowledge and civilization at the same time, while to others it is a show of class and status, the cosmopolitan nature of modern American society among other things.

However, the overall reasons why international students prefer American universities is majorly due decline in academic standards where they come from.

Therefore, the 50 best American universities listed in this guide definitely offer those international students something far better than they have found elsewhere.

Moreso, it is often seen as additional achievement to study in diversity i.e. within an environment that has students from many parts of the world who are products of different backgrounds.

Where else in the world today do you find people of diverse race, continents and nationalities studying together than the United States of America?

That is certainly one of the major reasons so many international students prefer American universities. Therefore, to help in choosing the institutions that suit their interests, iforib.com has compiled a comprehensive list of 50 best American universities for international students.

Read on for the 50 best American universities for international students, compiled  to inform our teaming readers. Note that we did not come by the list easily, as we undertook rigorous research through analyzing, comparing and contrasting data of 50 best American universities published by top sites like Forbes, The Daily Beast’s Guide to Best Colleges Business insider and Wikipedia. All of these websites have their criteria for the ranking, which include among other things, quality of Academics, Admissions rate, students satisfaction, timely graduation, affordability, productivity, commitment to international students, employer reputation, future earnings and students opinions.

Forbes specifically ask the following questions as the bases for their ranking in addition to what we already mentioned in respect to them: does the university offer the best in class for popular courses like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?

As Caroline Howard asked in her 2016 list, are they research powerhouses concerned with innovation and hands-on experimentation? Also the focus of these top ranking American universities and colleges do not wane on business and entrepreneurship disciplines.

50 Best American Universities For International Students – Criteria For Our Ranking

The criteria we use for ranking is a comparison of the list of highly trusted sites namely: Forbes, The Daily Beast’s Guide to the Best Colleges, Business Insider and Wikipedia.

Although our research had been extended to many other sites, the four mentioned above presented the most accurate and correlated data and analyses. In summary, Forbes emphasized on Academics quality, affordability, productivity etc. for their ranking.

Wikipedia focuses on admissions rates, while Business Insider base their ranking on quality education, timely graduation, student’s ability to earn well early in their carriers and provision of memorable experience that instills long standing loyalty.

The Daily Beast’s Guide to the Best Colleges, largely based their ranking on Academics, future earnings and affordability, weighted heavily on student’s chances for getting aids.

Meanwhile, we use Forbes as the independent variable, thus, any institution that appear on Forbes list and at least once on the other two list used as dependent variables in close range retains the position.

But if it happens otherwise i.e. if an institution appear twice on the other two lists but miss on the Forbes list at the ratio of say 1:5, the dependent variable takes the position.

50 Best American Universities For International Students

1.       Babson College

2.      Harvard university, Cambridge

3.      Stanford University, Stanford – California

4.      Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),

5.      Columbia University, New York

6.      Yale University, New Haven

7.      Princeton University,

8.      University of Chicago, Chicago

9.      University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

10.   University of New York University, New York

11.    University of California, Berkely

12.   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

13.   Georgetown University

14.   Northwestern University, (pritzker) Chicago

15.   Carnegie Mellon University

16.   Bryn Mawr College

17.   Harvey Mudd College

18.   Boston University

19.   Rhode Island School of Design

20.  Claremont McKenna Coll

21.   Bentley University

22.  Cooper Union

23. University of Southern California, (Gould) Los Angeles

24. Rice University

25. Cornell University, Ithaca

26.  Mount Holyoke College

27.  University of California, Irvin

28.  University of Tulsa

29.  Brown University

30.  Georgia Institute of Technology

31.   University of Rochester

32.  New School

33.  Emory University

34.  Brandeis University

35.  University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

36.  Illinois Institute of Technology

37.  University of California, San Diego

38.  Duke University

39.  Worcester Polytechnic Institute

40. Grinnell College

41.   Johns Hopkins University

42.  Swarthmore College

43.  Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

44. Pomona College

45.  University of Washington

46. University of Notre Dame

47.  University of California, Irvine

48. University of California, Los Angeles

49. Amherst College

50.  Dartmouth College


The list above represents our own ranking of 50 best American universities for international students. As stated earlier, we arrive at the list by comparing the rankings compiled by top sites mentioned above and some more. Out of the sources mentioned, Forbes is the only one that greatly influenced this ranking based largely on their criteria and methodology for the ranking of the 50 best American universities for international students.

While the ranking matters for international students, it is also important to note that it is not a rule of thumb. There must be concern for the interest and goals of international students while choosing American universities for their study. This implies that among the 50 best universities, there are certainly going to be preferences according to courses students intend to study or their preferred city.

Moreso, every American university has its own area of strength, which may not have been considered in the ranking. As shown in the article, sites consider the number and quality of professors per student, commitment of the university to international students and how much the rate of admissions corresponds with graduation of international students; others base their consideration on affordability and the chances of international students to get aids.

In addition to those considerations most international students prefer to study where their kid and kin reside in the U.S. this is largely dependent upon accommodation and other factors like having necessary connections while studying.

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