50 Best American Universities For Science


In this post, we present a ranking of 50 Best American Universities For Science. See top US that offer Science courses and their ranking.

The role of the United States of America in scientific discoveries and inventions in ages and recent years makes their universities preferred the choice of science-oriented students the world over.

50 Best American Universities For Science
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Do you intend to study in any of the sciences and the United States is your preferred destination, or are you contemplating the particular American university that will offer you the best class and overall memorable experience throughout your studies? Relax and continue reading because inforib is presenting here the ranking of 50 best American universities for science.


In compiling our ranking, we relied on the data published by highly reputable sites like, which has the most recent ranking of the 50 best American universities for science. We were attracted and convinced to use best college reviews as a model because they base their ranking on research, and consider universities that have the best possible chances of receiving at least 30% federal funding for research projects, and a separate research center that functions within the jurisdiction of the university. They also consider for their ranking of the 50 best American universities for science institutions whose undergraduates have at least 35% of direct participation in research.

Methodology For Our Ranking

Our methodology for this ranking is an in-depth analysis of data collected from trusted sites based on each university’s performance and overall standing in various science-related rankings. Universities reputable for scientific discoveries both in past and contemporary academic era’s ranks top on our list. We also compare universities performance with respect to facilities and conduciveness of their environments to studies and research.

Because of the crucial role, research had played in the most important global scientific discoveries and the priority best college reviews placed on this, we depended largely on their ranking to compile our list of 50 best American universities for science. Any university claiming to offer science courses to students without giving priority to the conduct of research and experiment cannot be regarded as important or serious about such endeavor. Therefore, the focus on ranking that places special importance on research is not a misstep.


However, one of the major facts that make American universities preferable to students who intend to study science is as best college reviews noted, their students are an integral part of in research. In fact, students currently studying in the American universities initiate most of the research articles currently published in scientific journals.

Most of these research undertakings are said to have led to meaningful scientific discoveries that increase the prestige and reputation of the American universities where they study. It is also noted that students who engage in research are much more likely to take leading roles in the next generation of scientists, Engineers, and Teachers in American universities, colleges, and special scientific institutions as well as leaders in government and industry.

Also, students prefer American universities for science because they are known for providing state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories that offer top-notch support for the accomplishment of any serious scientific undertaking by their students.

The universities that appear on our ranking are also known for possession of third eyes to spot potential students that would go far in their scientific pursuit; even beyond graduation.

Instead of letting those students waste away in their frustrations or struggles, the universities that make the list of 50 best American universities for science discover and develop creative students with the finest facilities and academic support they could afford.

Below is the list of 50 best American universities for science

1.       Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, Massachusetts

2.       University of California, Los Angeles

3.       Harvard University

4.       John Hopkins University

5.       Texas A&M University

6.       Princeton University

7.       California Institute of Technology

8.       Yale University, New Haven

9.       Cornell University, Ithaca

10.   Georgia Institute of Technology

11.   University of Washington, Seattle

12.   Emory University, Atlanta

13.   Stanford University, Stanford, California

14.   Northwestern University (Spritzer), Chicago

15.   University of California, Berkeley

16.   Columbia University, New York

17.   California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

18.   University of Minnesota College of Science and Technology, Minneapolis

19.   Michigan State University

20.   University of California, Davis

21.   Oregon Health and Science University

22.   Brown University

23.   University of Virginia

24.   University of Michigan

25.   Purdue University,

26.   University of Wisconsin, Madison

27.   University of Colorado, Boulder

28.   University of Miami

29.   University of Minnesota, Duluth

30.   Duke University, Durham

31.   Stony Brook University

32.   Rutgers University, Piscataway

33.   University of California, Santa Cruz

34.   Boston College, Boston

35.   Vanderbilt University, Nashville

36.   University of Florida, Gainesville

37.   University of Maryland

38.   University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

39.   Ohio state university, Columbus

40.   Rice University, Houston

41.   Iowa state university

42.   North Carolina state university

43.   Oregon state university

44.   Pennsylvania state university, University Park

45.   University of Utah

46.   University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh

47.   New York University, New York

48.   Indiana state university

49.   Washington University, St. Louis

50.   The University of Illinois at Urbana Campaign


In this post, we have showed the current ranking of 50 best American universities for Science. Our list reflect ranking of sites that considered American universities who have strong focus on research, and whose students take active participation in their research project. We also considered universities that offer their students the most conducive environment for scientific pursuits.

Based on the preceding, we can boldly say that above list represents latest ranking of the 50 best American universities in science. Just as the United States of America takes the lead in global ranking of universities for science, the above ranking represents leading American universities for science. One of the major factors that influenced our ranking is research focus of the universities and general performance in scientific discoveries.

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Therefore, if a university misses from our list, it does not imply that it will miss on the ranking of other fields. In fact, universities that fail to make up this list of 50 best American universities for science might rank on top of the list in other fields like entrepreneurship or business, take note and do not be surprised when it happen.

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