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20 Best Beaches in New York and Their Location 2022

New York City is home to several beautiful beaches. From families and couples to singles and best friends, every beach-goer has several options to choose from. These beaches offer excellent sunbathing, swimming, and great fun, including roller coaster rides, surfing, wilderness exploration, beautiful seaside town exploration and so much more. All these are available for the local people and travelers to enjoy. These wonderful beaches can be found in all five boroughs.

New York beaches are free and swimming is only allowed when a lifeguard is on duty for the protection of the swimmers. There are many amazing beaches in and around New York City but these 20 beaches top the charts.

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20 Best Beaches in New York and Their Location

20 Best Beaches in New York and Their Location

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1. Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

This beach is located at the tip of Brooklyn and is one of the most popular beaches in New York. It is easily accessible by subway trains and has everything any beach-goer could wish for. It has two amusement parks – Deno’s Wonder Wheel and Luna Park -, which houses the Cyclone roller coaster and a boardwalk, and Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs.

At the corner of Surf and Stillwell, the original Nathan’s Coney Island restaurant still stands. It was opened in 1916 and is home to the annual Hot Dog Eating Contest which takes place every year on July 4th.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, the Mermaid Parade is held in June. The parade is the largest art parade in the United States, so it draws crowds from all over the city.

Not too far from the beach is the New York Aquarium, which is now part of the Wildlife Conservation Society. It is the oldest aquarium in the United States and contains 350 marine species, including 18 species of sharks from around the world. The aquarium is open all year round, so fish-loving people can enjoy a great view of marine life anytime they please.

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2. Brighton Beach

This beach faces the Atlantic Ocean and is located East of Cooney Island Beach and the aquarium. It is located in Brighton and seemingly less crowded than Cooney Island. Mostly, you will see locals on the beach enjoying their time with picnics and volleyball.

The largest community of Eastern Europeans in the Eastern United States is located in the Brighton Beach area. You can easily find grocery stores, Delis, and restaurants offering Russian and Eastern European foods.

Manhattan Beach Park is located within walking distance of Brighton beach on the East end of the Brooklyn Peninsula. The park offers free movies all summer long in the parking lot. It also has tennis, basketball, handball courts, and two baseball fields.

3. Long Beach, Long Island

 The soft, white sand of Long Beach, makes it an amazing place to sunbathe and swim. You can rent Chairs and umbrellas from outfitters around the Beach. There is the 2.2-mile Long Beach Boardwalk which is free to access and perfect for biking or walking. The boardwalk was rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. There are several eateries along the main road.

During summer, the beach hosts a free concert series, an Arts on the Boardwalk festival, and a farmer’s market at the Kennedy Plaza on Saturdays. Skudin Surf Long Beach is located right on the beach for surfers to enjoy.

The beach is not entirely free, a day pass is required to access the beach which costs 12$ for residents and 15$ for nonresidents.

4. Jones Beach State Park, Long Island

 This beach spans 6.5 miles and is one of the New York metropolitan area’s most famous beaches. It has a 2-mile-long boardwalk, Art Deco bathhouses, several fields for parking, and lots of fun activities.

The beach is only accessible by car, boat, and bicycle. There’s a fee of 10$ for vehicle use.

This beach hosts the popular Bethpage Air Show with the Blue Angels every Memorial Day weekend, à July 4th fireworks show, softball and volleyball tournaments, and free entertainment at the bandshell.

5. Main Beach, East Hampton

 This popular public beach is located in the easternmost town of both Long Island and NYC itself. It has a snack bar, lifeguard, bathroom, and several other amenities. You can bring your own equipment or rent some from outfitters.

6. Robert Moses State Park, Fire Island

This beach is located on the western end of Fire Island National Seashore. Visitors can get a great view of the Fire Island Lighthouse, which is over 200 years old.

7. Cooper’s Beach, Southampton

This beach stretches 500 feet along the Atlantic shoreline. It is a free public beach located in Southampton. It is a quiet beach that offers several amenities like snacks, chair/umbrella rentals, and lifeguards. 

8. Orchard Beach, Pelham Bay Park

This beach is the only beach located in Pelham Bay Park which is the largest public park in NYC. This beach is shaped like a crescent faces the Long Island Sound, and contains a set of twin pavilions.

9. Rockaway beach and boardwalk

 It’s located in the East along the Rockaway peninsula. It’s perfect for surfers and can be enjoyed year-round in both summer and winter months. It is easily accessible by subway and ferry.

10. Jacob Riis Park Beach, Far Rockaway

 This beach is located on the Rockaway Peninsula. There is no subway in the western part of the peninsula, so Jacob Riis Park is only accessible by car or bus. It costs 5$ to park your car during the summer season. It isn’t as crowded as most beaches and has a gorgeous Art Deco boathouse. Since the beach is part of the United States National Park Service, there are restrooms, bathhouses, and even some food options during the summer.

11. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach, Staten Island

 The boardwalk is 2.5 meters long and faces Lower New York Bay on the East Shore of Staten Island. The beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean and is one of NYC’s four spacious beachfront areas.

12. Asbury Park, New Jersey

 This small seaside city is located on the New Jersey coast. The beach has a beautiful sandy shore and beachfront boardwalk lined with arcades, shops, and cafes.

13. Breezy Point

 Located on the western tip of the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, Breezy Point is a private gated community. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in New York, but unfortunately, it is only accessible to residents and their private guests.

14. Barrett Beach Park, Fire Island

This beach is located centrally on Fire Island, between Fire Island Pines and Water Island. It is currently only accessible by foot, private boat or via the charter ferry service from Sayville or Patchogue.

15. Pirates Cove in McAllister Park

 Pirates Cove is located in a gated village called Belle Terre just a 5-minute drive from Port Jefferson. This picturesque beach is a cove with high sand dunes, which gives off more of a Mediterranean vibe than other Long Island beaches.

16. Ditch Plains Beach, Montauk

 This beach is really popular among surfers and swimmers. It is located on the far southeast end of Long Island. This sandy beach offers great cliffside views and some of the best waves on Long Island.

17. Shell Beach, Shelter Island

 Shell Island is a small island located between the North Fork and the South Fork on Long Island. Though it is small, it has several beautiful beaches.

Shell beach is a remote beach on the southern tail of Shelter Island.

18. Crescent/Sunset Beach, Shelter Island

Crescent beach is the busiest beach on Shelter Island and is located northern part of the island. It has several amenities, hotels, and resorts.

19. Fort Tilden

 This beach is located on the Rockaway peninsula. Not a lot of people visit this Beach, so it’s perfect if you are craving a quiet and relaxing time. There are no lifeguards or amenities, so you can have the whole day to yourself to think and relax.

20. Wolfe’s Pond Beach

 Wolfe’s pond beach is a small, calm, and secluded beach located in Staten Island. It is the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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