Best Universities to Study Medicine in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are a wide range of Universities offering Medicine and Surgery as a course, in this write up we will be talking about the best Universities in Nigeria offering Medicine and Surgery as a course in the Faculty of medicine.

The medical universities that we will be talking about do not offer medicine and surgery alone but they also give chances for students to study other accredited medical courses of their choice and callings, particularly for students that are interested in science.

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Best Universities to Study Medicine in Nigeria
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If a student doesn’t want to forge ahead into becoming a medical doctor, they can choose other medical courses to go for.

In addition to the stated fact above, it should be known that virtually all science students are keen on becoming a medical doctor before considering anything else.

Some science students will later change into being engineers, MLS, pharmacists, and other science courses. It does not mean that Medicine and Surgery are highly superior to the other courses in the field of science, but that’s how Science students perceive choosing of course to today in the tertiary Institution.

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The happiness a science student derives from dreaming of seeing himself in the white ward coat also with a stethoscope around the neck knows no bound. The dream of most science students is to become a lifesaver saving patients from the hands of diseases and other health challenges.

In studying Medicine and Surgery, a student will get exposed to a very wide range of job and career opportunities with very good pay and live a very decent and prestigious life.

Now, let us check the top best Universities you’re guaranteed to undergo the best of academic experiences, both practical and theoretical. The list of universities that offers the best medicine and other related Medical courses are listed below:


These are the top medical universities in Nigeria to study Medicine and another Medical-related course;


The College of Medicine, University of Nigeria is currently the best University in Nigeria to undergo the Academic process of Medicine and Surgery and other medical courses. The University is recognized as a leading tertiary institution in the whole of Africa.

The renowned University is, the giant in the faculty of medicine is owned and run by the University of Ibadan which really trains her students to become highly skilled medical practitioners with the main priority of saving lives. The premier University have the essential facilities needed to make the essential facilities available for her students

It is necessary for all science students to know that the course is a very competitive course in Nigeria and even in the world so it’s necessary for a student to work hard to have high scores in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and POST UTME so as to have a very good chance of getting admitted into the University Ibadan to study Medicine and Surgery.

The College of Medicine at the University of Ibadan has four faculties, which are :

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Dentistry

Faculty of Public Health

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The University of Lagos also owns a college of Medicine which is also recognized as a top medical school in Nigeria. The college of Medicine, University of Ibadan is located at Surulere in Lagos State.

The college of Medicine is closer to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LUTH) which equips students in the medical field the best Education they need to become very good medical practitioners in Nigeria.

The College of Medicine, University of Lagos is made up of, three faculties. Namely:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Dental Sciences


The University of Ilorin is one school that is highly recognized and known for its academic excellence in all ramifications. The University of Ilorin is one of the best universities in the South-Western part of Nigeria and also because they do not get affected by strike actions from University staffs in the Country,

The University of Ilorin is also rated as one of the best University in Nigeria, the main area of study in which they are the best in is the aspect of medicine and surgery. The University’s college of Medicine started in the year 1977 which has continued to evolve into one of the best colleges of medicine in the Country.

The College of Health Sciences at the University of Ilorin is made up of two different faculties which are:

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

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When talking about the best Universities to study Medicine and surgery in Nigeria, the college of health science, Obafemi Awolowo University can not be left out from the list.

The University medical students graduate Employability is also a fact in which the school is recognized for. In fact, the college of health science, OAU is one of the most highly competitive schools for intending medical students.

For any student to be admitted into the school, such students need to be of a good academic stand and should be highly focused.

The Obafemi Awolowo University’s College of Medicine is made up of four faculties. They are :

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Dentistry

Institute of Public Health

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Ahamadu Bello University (Abu Zaria) is recognized as one of the oldest universities in the country to commence the studying of Medicine and surgery, also other medical-related courses.

The University is of high infrastructural and academic facilities to boost the effective teaching of medical courses both the practical aspect of the theoretical aspect.

From facts, Ahamadu Bello University is regarded as the most funded public University in Nigeria. The University’s college of Medicine is practically one of the busiest hospitals in the Country. The college of Medicine, Ahamadu Bello University has a total of 17 departments.


The Delta State University owns and controls the college of health sciences (DELSU) and it’s presently one of the best colleges of Medicine in the country for students to study Medicine and surgery or other medical-related courses. It has a teaching hospital with their area of specialization to be in Medicine and surgery, radiology, urology psychiatric, etc

The College of health science, Delta State University has three faculties which are namely:

Faculty of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Faculty of Family Medicine and Anatomy

Faculty of Medicine

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Another University to study Medicine and surgery in Nigeria is that of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma in Edo state. The University is full of good facilities and a highly conducive environment for learning for their students in the medical field. The University does not also get affected by strike actions.

The College of Medicine at AAU, Ekpoma has 2 faculties which are

Basic Medical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

NOTE: A faculty is like an umbrella having a lot of departments under it.

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