Between Alcohol and Marijuana Which is More Detrimental to Health?


Growing up, I had the personal experience of what it’s like to be present during the debate about which is better. With emotions and tantrums going around, nobody wanted to yield to the other, they each believed the one they took pleasure in was safer for them, but how true is this?

When I was a teenager my parents drilled the idea of alcohol being better than marijuana into me, so whenever the debate would come up, even if I personally haven’t experienced either of the substances I subconsciously sided with alcohol been a better choice.

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Between Alcohol and Marijuana Which is More Detrimental to Health?
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I didn’t even want to associate myself with people who took marijuana both I felt comfortable around those who took alcohol( I was young and lacked enough knowledge).

But with more new studies coming up and laws legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I began to have doubts and made extensive research on my own and came up with a personal answer, you’d get to make yours too at the end of this post!

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Even though we’d have different opinions about the subject, marijuana remains an illegal drug in most places, while alcohol is legal to consume for people who are 21 years of age and above.

The former president of the united states of America, Barrack Obama in a famous interview once said ” I don’t think marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. So, is alcohol or marijuana more dangerous?

Find out below;

Comparing both in different scenarios;


After a long night of heavy drinking and finally getting drunk, you may not remember what happened the night before. This is often referred to as a “blackout.” through different kind of studies and first-hand opinions from people who have experienced ” blackout” they confirmed that they couldn’t remember what happened after they got drunk, they even revealed that some of them had driving drunk or did some sort of crazy thing but had no idea of it at all.

While memory loss- has been linked to smoking of marijuana adolescents who smoke marijuana may be at greater risk for problems with memory and learning later in life.

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The studies remain inconclusive about how much marijuana use causes impairments of learning and memory. But studies have demonstrated that these types of changes in the brain may increase the risk of psychological difficulties later in life.


During the first few weeks, pregnancy consuming alcohol can lead to long-lasting disorders in the child.

If you drink during pregnancy you are at risk of giving birth to a child with physical and intellectual disabilities-these are called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.


Driving stoned or drunk isn’t safe. But driving drunk is a lot riskier. Alcohol is the most substance found among drivers who had an accident, followed by marijuana. Both alcohol and marijuana increase the risk of an accident when driving. So, it’s probably better is you don’t take either while driving.


This is probably the factor a lot of people won’t base their judgment and opinion upon.

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Drinking alcohol in most cases is not life-threatening but when it’s consumed too much it can be dangerous. It is also very easier to overdose on alcohol than it is to overdose on marijuana. So, here is my take, while pregnant, or driving does not take either of the drugs for your own safety.

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