Extraordinary Birth Dates


4 Powerful Numbers, If you Are Born In One of The Numbers You Are extraordinary.

Numerous individuals could tally numbers from number one to trillions and numerous individuals that couldn’t tally the number can easily tally their naira notes and it’s everything about numbers.

We have a lot of lucky numbers and there are a few numbers that are one of a kind, and I guess that is exactly why numerous influential individuals and celebrities were born in almost the same chain of numbers (birthday). One reason we have exceptional days.


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Extraordinary Birth Dates
Extraordinary Birth Dates – Photo Source:


This figure is one of the special one of kind numbers on earth and incredible! the reason, everyone wants to be the number ONE(1) because we do know it is a unique number….let me show you some obvious examples, the president of Nigeria is the number ONE(1) citizen of Nigeria.

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The firstborns, I’m sure when you see either your brother or sister who’s the firstborn forming boss all around the house, you’ll be jealous and wish you could swap the position of firstborn with him/her, another example, 1 AM (midnight) people believe that is one of the best time to pray against everything you want(Oops!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you can’t pray anytime you want because the Bible says “pray without ceasing” but you and I both know 1 AM is a good time to pray).

In the case of exams you’ll see many students wake up in the middle of the night probably 1 am just to read and I’m telling you they’ll understand better at that moment. So actually figure ONE(1) is a boss.


This is likewise an extraordinary number and in the event that you are the third child in a family you are exceptional and 3 am and 3 pm is an amazing time profoundly in the event that you can implore during that time you will be effective.

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The number seven is an amazing number, If you are conceived in the seventh month of the year you have unique force you need to recognize in the event that you haven’t and you are an exceptional person, You at any point considered how it’s nearly time seven Hallelujah consider it. seven is the quantity of flawlessness, there are 7 oceans,7 landmasses. and guess what.

They’re seven wonders in the world. Just for exploring kindly search SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD then go through them and come back to tell me what you saw in the comment section.


The number twenty one is special and unique because of its combinations of number seven 7+7+7 Equal 21, can you imagine how powerful the number is, the reason many would either shout Hallelujah 21 times, it even pulls down the wall of Jericho in the Holy Bible. I know you’re probably smiling at this right now. Haha! Sense too much.

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Each number have their own uniqueness, everyone is brought into the world an exceptional individual, it is consistent that concealing abilities in each person we simply need to recognize our ability and support it. we are for the most part one of a kind in God’s eyes.

I know you’re jealous your birthdate is not here, the same goes for me as I’m 16 but I’ll make my number more special. So if you have any numbers that are also unique state it on the comment box, do not forget to click likes and share.

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