Finest Tourist Attraction Centers in Nigeria


When he got to Chappal Wadi, Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State, He met Nigeria’s and visitors to Nigeria, who don’t Know Much about the many tourist attraction in the country.

As a tourist that he is, he was away that there are 101 places to make anyone happy. Just like he said they are many but the Top 12places will be looked into.

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Finest Tourist Attraction Centers in Nigeria
Finest Tourist Attraction Centers in Nigeria – Photo Source:

The green hills of Obudu have pulled several tourists in the last two decades.

Olumirin Waterfalls (Osun State): A rocky cliffs, tall trees, and cascading falls make this place a tourist delight. This could also be a perfect place for mountaineering.

When you drive into the ‘Erin-Ijesha’ community which taking a work towards the pool will take you about 12minutes and on the ground level of the place is soothing and refreshing. You can meet some group of drummers on your way, welcoming you with their song and dance.


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The tourist said that he loved Olumirin because it appeals to the weather you would want to climb for about 20minutes to the waterfalls, Going around in the village in the hills and you can also join the amazing residents as they farm calabash and cola.

However, Olumirin was the first travel that he loved and cherished so much. He that he embarked on that trip 10years ago. And from his adventurous spirit was reawakened. He said water bodies are his best, water sports and anything ocean, you that could show you his level of excitement.

He said that in the place nothing prepares your legs for a hike, the seven-step waterfall remains a wonder to him because he never got to the seventh floor, where rumours have it that the source of the water is small pot.

He went further to say that he loved the lush landscape in Obudu and also loved waking up to birds chirping and just being in the middle of nature. It still keeps him in doubt that he is getting this type of experience in Obudu in Nigeria.

More so, The Ado Awaye suspended lake is said to be one of two in the world Ado Awaye lake(Oyo State); the center of attraction there is the suspended lake, which is the only one of its kind in Nigeria and one of two worldwide. The view from the is a priceless one.

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The hike up it is as thrilling as the landmark spread across the range which provides the lifestyle of the people which they have lived centuries ago.

It happens to be one of the hanging lakes in the world. It makes Nigeria stand out because it is a behold beauty to the world, and it is best visited during the rainfall time.

In Mambilla Plateau, though the journey to Plateau is always a terrible one, because of the long journey but the sights and sounds that you hear on your arrival, will make you forget the whole coming stress. Mambilla’s peak called Chappal Waddi, which is 6,000ft above the sea level is arguably the most beautiful location in Nigeria.

There is the coldest place in this country and still has the highest settlement and highest mountain in the West African. In fact, there is a tourist heaven.

However,’Gembu’ is a magical land, the land is full of resources, nature, and happy people living around there.

Idanre Hill in Ondo State: is about a 25- minute drive from Akure side. It is a marveled nature on its own. He explains that he has gone visiting Idanre hill on three different occasions and with different experience altogether.

Ogbunike Caves in Anambra State; the cave has the largest colony of bats. It still maintains the historical and spiritual significance and houses some wild animals like python ( Eke Ogba ).

This makes going through the cave’s chambers and channels a dangerous one. In the cave, you will find 10 tunnels which are connected to different facets.

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In the community, yearly ceremonies still go own because there believe that there is spiritual connectivity with it’s environ. It equally explains the history of the Igbo land as at the Biafra war.

Yankari Games Reserve Bauchi State, in the Wikki warm spring is the only cold spring of the quartet and apart from the springs, there are other historical sites, caves wells, and diverse wildlife elephants which one can talk about.

Like Baboon elephant, Buffalo, bushbucks, etc this a very huge center of attraction for every tourist because it is the most sought after games reserved for wildlife and safari in Nigeria. It also comprises of many activities.

There is also a Chalets at Yankri games reserved National Park in Taraba/Adamawa state, which is the largest and the most diverse conservation park in Nigeria.

In Enugu Ahum Waterfall/cave, it is one of the best places to see because of the natural walls, sculpted in limestone, including the enchanting waterfall that drops from the opening at the roof of the walls and the sacred statues of Virgin Mary and the three Children of the Fatima.

State also has Kajuru Castle, which was built in 1980 by a German man who stayed in Kaduna in the year 1970s. If you go there you will like castle architecture.

Anambra State also has Ogba Ukwu Caves, which is in a location of monument proportion. Though the cave looks more like make-believe the sort of thing that one could often see among the filmmakers.I was amazed that Nigeria’s have a place like that.

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Osun State Grove also exists, it is spiritual, cultural, and historical enslaved shrine of their people. If tradition is represented, Grove can help one to be in a totally different world.

So this and many more have shown you that Nigeria has beautiful natural places.

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