$5,000 Gordon Signy Fellowships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applicants of All Nationalities at Any Country Other Than Applicant’s Own Country 2019


The World association of pathology and laboratory medicine has provided its $5,000 Gordon Signy Fellowships which is currently open for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants of all nationalities to study for Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Post Doc degree in the field of Pathology offered by any country other than applicant’s own country for the year 2019.

You can apply for this program simply by reading through this page for full details on how to process your scholarship application.

$5,000 Gordon Signy Fellowships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Applicants of All Nationalities at Any Country Other Than Applicant's Own Country 2019


Goal of World Pathology Foundation is to promote education, research, and international quality standards, through the Committees and Secretariats of WASPaLM and the World Pathology Foundation, promote high quality, cost effective medical laboratory services, promote the exchange of information between pathologists and laboratory scientists throughout the world.

Scholarship Description:

  • Course Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Post Doc Degree
  • Scholarship can be taken in: Any country other than applicant’s own country
  • Number of awards: Unspecified
  • Nationality: For all nationalities

Field of Study:

  • Pathology

Scholarship Award:

  • Please be inform that the value of the scholarship awarded is the US $5,000 and is paid in two installments, out of which the US $4,500 is provided at the beginning of a period of study and $500will be provided after receiving the reports of the fellow’s experiences.
  • If the training period exceeds 89 days; at the discretion of the Regents of the Fellowship, US $7,500 may be awarded to the candidate.


  • The fellowship is open to applicants of all countries.
  • Applicants can take the training in any country other than the applicant’s own country.
  • The candidate applying should have completed his/her training in subjects like anatomical or clinical pathology.
  • The prior training of the candidate should not be more than 10 years old.

Documents Required:

Documents required:

  • Candidates should submit a letter of acceptance from the training director.
  • Letter of reference from a teacher, supervisor, mentor or faculty.
  • Copies of the candidate’s Medical Degree and Certificate of Training.
  • Candidate should also submit a disclosure of support from which he/she will be receiving the financial support other than the fellowship.
  • A detailed curriculum vitae which should include name and address, current employment, education, memberships and other details of the candidate.

Closing Date for Applications:

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