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Hannah Barron began hunting when she was a little girl. One of her cousins recorded her as she played around. Later, she posted her footage on her social media accounts. Here is all the information you need to know about Hannah Baron, such as her age, parents, marriage, net worth, and Barron’s biography, including her age, height, parents, spouse, and net worth.

Profile summary 

Real name: Hannah Barron
Birthdate: 3rd July 1996 Age: 24 years old (as of 2021)
Zodiac sign:
Cancer Birthplace: Crenshaw County, Alabama
Profession: Social media personality
Height: 5 ft (1.52 m)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kgs)

Who is Hannah Barron?

When Hannah Barron was still quite little, her parents got divorced. She and her parents remain close. In the majority of her hunting vlogs, the star includes her dad. Hannah also oversees the YouTube video editing for her father. The mother of Hannah Barron is not well-known.

Hannah Barron Education

She received her schooling at Troy University, an institution of higher learning that is located in her Alabama hometown. From the College of Communication and Fine Arts, she graduated and was awarded a Bachelor of Science.

How old is Hannah Barron
Hannah Barron will be 24 years old in 2021.

Hannah Barron Career

The internet sensation has been hunting since she was a young girl. When she was a young girl, her dad used to take her hunting. Her father reportedly used to take her to the woods soon she could walk. There are also photos of her dad holding her in one arm as she wears a pacifier and holding a deer in the other. She was only 8 years old when she made her first buck kill. While out hunting, Hannah’s father insisted that she hold off on shooting until she had the ideal buck in her sights. Regarding the entire incident, she said the following:

I killed my first deer when I was 8—it was a 7-point buck. My dad made me wait for it. We watched a bunch of does, and smaller bucks pass by. It was the perfect first buck because it taught me if you wait, you’ll get something bigger 

Barron became well-known after her cousin captured her playing with a fish. On her Facebook and Instagram profiles, the social media star posted footage of herself teasing a 30-pound catfish. More than 15 million people have seen the over-minute-long video since it went viral.

The celebrity currently has a sizable following on her social media platforms. Her YouTube channel has more than 320k subscribers, and she has over 860k followers on Instagram.

She routinely posts vlogs about camping, fishing, and her daily life. Occasionally, Hannah Barron’s mother can be seen on her vlogs.

When asked about her fame on social media, she stated the following:

My lifestyle is the same as it’s always been; social media just gives me a way to document it. I’ve always been an avid outdoorswoman, and I’ve always taken lots of pictures. So even before social media, I had thousands of pictures on my phone. Social media lets me document the things I do and share them with people. 

Hannah Barron Net Worth

How much is she worth? It is estimated that Hannah Barron will have a net worth of $5 million by 2021. She makes her living as a social media influencer, which is her main source of revenue. In addition to revenue from her online store, she also makes money via sponsored YouTube videos and Instagram posts. BarronOutdoors.com is her official website, which she uses to sell goods.

Hannah Barron's Biography
Hannah Barron Picture: instagram.com, @hannahbarron96 Source: Instagram

Is Hannah Barron married?

No, she is not. However, she had a hunting-experienced fiancé named Ryan Horton. In 2016, the pair announced their relationship on social media by sharing adorable photos. In 2019, the couple broke up.

Height and weight

5 feet tall and 115 pounds is Hannah Barron’s weight.

Hannah Barron On Social Media

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YouTube Ads Revenues

Hanna Barron established her YouTube channel in May 2017, and as of this writing, it had 308K subscribers and 123 videos with 47.2M views. As a result, YouTube advertising provides her with the majority of her revenue. Every day, she earns more than $100 from her YouTube account.

Hannah Barron’s Profile Summary

Name Hannah Barron
Date Of Birth July 3, 1996
Age 26 yrs
Birth Place Brantley, Alabama, United States
Birth sign Cancer
Height 5 feet (1.52 meters)
Weight 52 Kg
Nationality American
Marital Status Not Married
Profession Instagram Star, Youtuber
Education Lurleen B. Wallace Community College,
Troy University
Net Worth Around $5 Million


How old is Hannah Barron?  Hannah Barron will be 24 years old in 2021.
Where is Hannah Barron from? She was born in Alabama, United States
Where does Hannah Barron live? she lives in Brantley, Alabama.
How tall is Hannah Barron?  Height: 5 ft (1.52 m)
what is Hannah Barron net worth? Hannah Barron  have an estimated net worth of $5 million by 2021.
Who is Hannah Barron dating? Hannah Baron is in a relationship with Hunter Horton
How much does Hannah Barron make on youtube?  Yearly income: USD 1. 2 million · Monthly payment: USD 100K · Weekly pay: USD 25K · Daily revenue: USD 3.57K
Who is Hannah Barron married to? She was engaged to Ryan Horton, an experienced hunter.
who is Hannah Barron mother? Mother Amy Sherer Tackett.
what happened to hannah barron? Hannah Barron’s Divorce from Fiancé. Horton had been a friend of the Instagram celebrity for a few years. The couple began dating in 2016
what does hannah barron and her father do for a living? Hannah Barron is a very famous Instagram star, American model, actress and influencer with over half a million followers on her Instagram. But her father’s information is not available
Why is Hannah Barron catfish so big?  She said “He Swallowed My Croc!!” 2 HUGE Fish in 1 HOLE! Illinois Hand Fishing! HOGG ON!
What kind of dog does Hannah Barron have? Merle
How old is Hannah Barron youtuber? Yes

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