How can you acquire your WAEC certificate after Sitting for the WASSCE or WAEC GCE exam?


After completing the WAEC examinations there are varieties of questions that tend to pop up in your mind after writing your WAEC exam. It is important to make considerations on how you can access your WAEC result and how you can collect your Original WAEC Certificate.

This article will give all the necessary answers to all questions you have in mind on the Original WAEC Certificate. How to retrieve it as an individual and a school will be highlighted here.

Most times, candidates of the WAEC examination have been given the wrong impression of how long it can take to get their Certificate. Some have even been told that it takes years to collect your Original WAEC Certificate. Is that really true? Information Guides Nigeria 


Read this article to the end before you will give your conclusion on your Original WAEC Certificate. This will also take care of how to retrieve a lost Certificate.

Trust me, you will dazzle at the sight of seeing the price of an Original WAEC Certificate!

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Two Ways WAEC Issue the Original WAEC Certificate


As earlier mentioned, there are two ways the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) gives its candidates their Certificate after the WAEC exam.

The certificate can be collected personally as an individual (by a candidate). It can also be through the Candidate’s School. In the WAEC examination, there are private candidates and school candidates.

Let us quickly run you off on the two primary ways. how-to-get-waec-certificate

Certificate Collection For School Candidates

The WAEC examination for School Candidates mostly takes effect around May/June over the years.

The School Candidates are the students/candidates that write their West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in their various schools.

If you have written your WAEC exam in your school, you must note that you can only access your original WAEC certificate through your School.

The only means for school candidates to collect the Original WAEC Certificate is through the School. BBNaija: Why Saga is set Up For heartbreak – Angel

The WAEC dispatched certificates of all the students in a particular school to the school authorities at once. So, as a school candidate, don’t think of any other way to collect your Original WAEC Certificate. How to Check Your Airtel Number with USSD Code

The School Authority has to give you the Original WAEC Certificate.

NOTE: the School Authority can charge you any price it deems fit to collect the Original WAEC Certificate. Base on the years the Certificate has spent with them.

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Certificate Collection For Private Candidates

The WAEC examination for Private Candidates mostly takes effect in January/February (Private Candidates First Series) and November/December (Private Candidates Second Series) yearly. The Private Candidates are the students/candidates that write their West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in various External Centres. Npower recruitment

Need talk that most of us have been told that private candidates are without the original WAEC certificate? Many words have gone before us to teach nonsense into our minds. Just note that the wrong information corrupts the mind.

There are two ways a private candidate can contact WAEC directly for the Original WAEC Certificate. The Candidate can Contact WAEC for the certificate through;

  • Online (, or
  • The WAEC Office.

Private candidates can either contact WAEC directly through an online means or by walking head straight into the WAEC Office of the State they wrote the WAEC examination.

All the requirements that will be needed to collect the Original WAEC Certificate are all revealed here.

But before we show you how to request the certificate both online and at the WAEC office, let us speak about how long it takes for the WAEC to release the candidates’ certificates.

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How Long Does It Take Original WAEC Certificate To Be Out

Yes, you surely need to know the right timing to get your Original WAEC Certificate.

Just to hint you, the price/fee for collecting the original WAEC Certificate increases relative to the time of collection, though this is explained much more later in this article. So don’t freak out yet.

For school candidates, the original WAEC Certificate will be available in each School 6 months after the WAEC exam result is out. The advice is to get yours as soon as possible because the School Authority can charge you any amount relative to the collection date. The charge is not illegal.

For private candidates, any candidate can request the original WAEC certificate 90 days after the WAEC exam result. The WAEC body hates keeping individuals’ certificates for long. Hence, you might face the penalty of late collection. dollar to naira rate

How to Request for the Original WAEC Certificate Online

The Original WAEC Certificate Request Portal –

You can request your Original WAEC Certificate with the following 7 guides:

  1. Visit through your phone/laptop browser.
  2. Select the Certificate Request Tab.
  3. Select your Examination Diet.
  4. Select your Examination Year.
  5. Type your WAEC Examination Number.
  6. Select the Continue Button.
  7. Make payment either online or offline for the service.

NOTE: your payment will be confirmed, and your Certificate will be sent to any desired WAEC office of your choice in the country within 10 working days. WAEC result

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Requirements To Collect Your Original WAEC Certificate in WAEC Office

Requesting for your Original WAEC Certificate doesn’t require much effort. Make sure to have the following with you when going there:

  • Your Sworn Affidavit
  • Your Online result print-out
  • One passport-size photograph
  • Your Photo Card
  • Your Identity Card

NOTE: Every Private Candidate will need the above materials. The only additional requirement for anyone using the WAEC office to make the request is the collection fee. It is important!

The Original WAEC Certificates Collection Fee

Can there be an increment in the amount to pay to collect the Original Certificate?

The Original WAEC Certificate collection fee is #4,700 only. The increment will surely come up if a candidate fails to collect the Certificate at the right time.

There are monetary penalties attached to failure to collect the certificate at due time. The monetary penalties are: JAMB form

  • #3,500 for 0 – 4years,
  • #8,500 for 5 – 9years,
  • #13,500 for 10 – 14years,
  • #18,500 for 15 – 19years, and
  • #23,500 for 20years and above.

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Three Ways To Make Payment For Your Original WAEC Certificate

For Private Candidates that are processing their Certificate online, they can make payment through the following ways:

  • Card Payment: make payment online using your debit card on the Card Payment Option.
  • USSD: make use of your bank USSD code to make payment to the designated bank account.
  • Bank-in-Branch: making offline payment from bank to bank in a bank branch.

Bonus: How To Retrieve A Lost Original WAEC Certificate

You can retrieve your lost Certificate by providing the following information at any WAEC head office nearest to the School you sat for the Exam:

  • Police report to confirm that you lost your original WAEC certificate.
  • Your recent passport.
  • An affidavit for WAEC attestation of result.
  • Online Result Printout that contains your necessary information.

Request the retrieval of your lost certificate through any WAEC official on duty in the WAEC. Follow all the instructions given to you by the Official. Make sure to have your certificate collection fee with you. It cost up to #25,000.

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