How it Work

What is Inforib? is a website that allows you to make money when you publish articles, read articles, comment on articles, refer other people to join, etc. Whatever you do on Inforib, you get paid.

Our Vision

The vision of inforib is to help everyone make money from the internet legitimately and easily.

Our Mission

The mission of inforib is to provide a platform that users can share their contents (questions, answers, articles, comments, videos) online make money from them. Also to create a platform that allows users to make money while using (reading) contents online.

How it Work – 10 Ways to Make Money in Inforib

With multiple earning options on Inforib, if you stay on this website for at least 5 hours per day, you can make as much as N5,000 daily.

1. When you register on, after reading the terms and conditions, you become a user or a member and can participate in the Inforib Revenue Programme. Once you activate your account, you earn N500 welcome bonus.

2. When you submit an article and it is published, you earn between N200 – N1000 per article. Read the article guidelines before you submit them.

3. When you post a comment on an article, you earn N20

4. When you log in to your account every day, you earn N20

5. When you ask a good question, you earn N5

6. When you answer a question properly, you earn N10

7. When you refer another person to register at using your unique referral code, you earn N50.

8. When you refer people to visit even if they don’t register, you earn N5 for each visitor you refer to the site.

9. Each article you read an article, you earn N5

10. Each question or answer you open and read, you earn N2


All answers must be original, relevant, and up to 30 words). (any answer less than 30 words will be deleted). If you don’t know the answer to any question, don’t try to answer it as irrelevant answers will be deleted.

If any of your question or answer is irrelevant and we delete it, we subtract N10 from your earnings.

If you post a spam comment, we subtract N5 from your earnings.

You can track your earnings easily here.