How The World Will Look in The Year 2050


Much More Surveillance

Digital monitoring becomes available cheaper and easier every new year, so there is no reason why the country’s governments and corporations will stop watching us unless they are forced to do so.

We will most likely have seen some type of public surveillance and social life scoring as they have in China country, although it will be far more much advanced, and unfortunately, we will not be able to do anything to stop it.


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How The World Will Look in The Year 2050
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First Libertarian (Anarcho-Capital) government will be born.

The biggest obstacle in creating creat new a free state is a lack of free land. All the land has been divided b/w between governments a long time ago & they are not willing to give anything of it, even if it’s purchased from them.


However future technologies will allow humans, people to create artificial islands and other lands mass masses in terra nullius more cheaply and thus creating a place where to settle it’s its citizens.

Another obstacle course of creating a new country is security and lack of funds to support a large army. But due to robotization of the military, a Country of 1000 One Thousand people (if they have necessary funds) will be able to to have high power AI-controlled arsenal land that will be able to withstand an Army or Soldier of another country.

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Bitcoin will be the main currency exchange of the world

Some economists say that Bitcoin may take over FIAT after the first next global economic crisis, which is predicted to happen in 1–3 years from now.

Whether this will actually happen this fast, not, it will surely happen in 10–20 years, and by the year 2050, people will thinking of government-issued money as something from 20th-century socialists ERA.

Along with Bitcoin’s few other people, cryptocurrencies that have some concrete advantages will survive it, but their total use will be less than 10% ten percent of the use of Bitcoin.

Super AI robot that will transcend human being intelligence will be created

This is simply a matter of a period of time, as computing power on the simple machines doubles every 2 two years, and by 2050 (which is 32 years from now) computers will be 30,000 thousand times faster than and smarter than they are today life.

Smarter than human AI robot will be probably created much earlier than that 2050, and by 2050 the existence of non-human like robot super-intelligence will be certain.

People will achievement biological immortality

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Simply this will mean that with specific medical treatment science scientists will be able to prolong healthy People human lifespans until eternity.

Of course, it will not mean that people will stop dying completely as this treatment will probably not be available to the poorest part of the world and our bodies will not become indestructible, and therefore human, people will still die in the result of accidents and other physical trauma.

Radical birth control will be implemented

Overpopulation is a huge problem, and the only cause of it is the too high birth rate. In most Western Countries birth rate has already been dropped below the natural preservation rate (which is 2 children per 2 adults) and we will continue to do so.

But in developing countries, it’s still too high for and those countries are alone responsible for the overpopulation problem we have.

In the future, the governments will either limit families in having only 1 one Children or forcefully sterilize Peoples. Children are not the futures, they are the past.

AI Robots will take over our power jobs

In a couple of decades, AI robots will be able to perform all physical tasks that we perform, starting from Cut cutting our hair to serving us at the restaurant and cooking our food. Many jobs are already been replaced by AI robots, so progress is inevitable.

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When the AI robots will replace human workforce 2 things two things will happen.

1st: Most humanity people (especially the poorly educated) will be left out of work and without the ability to support themselves.

This will lead to the birth of a large class of poor human people, with no ability to reach even the basic standard of living, and at the same time, it will be giving birth to even richer human groups or people who will together own everything is good. In rich countries, the governments may be able to provide a basic income for its citizens, but the poorest countries will not have the funds for that.

Basically, unless you are very smart and & educated, your only chance of making a living will be through business. That is is renting your apartment, self-driving car, or assistant AI robot to someone else, given that you have had the funds to purchase it in the first place.

2nd: The cost of most services and products will be reduced a lot. Currently, the biggest portion of the cost of product or service is the cost of labor, as it’s usually the most expensive part.

But in the future when machines will do all the work, goods and services will be produced much cheaper. Take for eg. self-driving taxis.

In order to provide taxi services, you will no longer have to pay the country’s salary of the driver (which is usually half of the expenses) and therefore the companies that will be able to offer rides half of the prices.

Most part of physical interactions will be replaced by interaction with AI robots

By 2050 we will have been advanced human-like assistants, servants, and sex robots doll. They will resemble people so far that by interacting with them we will satisfy our social life needs.

And interacting with AI robots will be much easier for. They will not have their own will be (as their sole purpose will be in serving us), they will not have feelings, they will not get angry, annoyed, or tired.

Therefore they will be perfect companions as we will no longer have to take into account their needs or wishes and compromise with them. Human-to-human interaction will be reduced to a minimum as dealing with other people is extremely hard & difficult.

Most likely human-to-human interactions will happen in Virtually Reality

Due to the growth & excellence of virtual reality more and much more of our daily activities will move into the virtual world.

We will not only play for and watch movies there, but also spend our much more and more of our free time periodically thereby virtual travelling and meeting people using our avatars Photos.

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Our lives will resemble the movie Surrogates a lot, with the only exception that we will not have been secondary physical bodies, they will be purely virtual.

The popularity of virtual reality will also grow due to the fact that in real life at all sorts of accidents can do happen to you or you can become a victim of a crime. While virtual reality will be perfectly honest safe, at least for your physical body.

What do you think about this prediction?

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