How to Be a Good Husband and Have a Happy Marriage


1. Be Her Best Friend

A married couple is much more than just a man and wife; they are best friends. You are partners in life, so it is best to get into the habit of going to the other first when something important happens in your life.

Just the way you would pick up your phone to tell your friend all about the exciting event that happened, your first instinct should be to tell your wife because she is your closest and dearest friend.

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How to Be a Good Husband and Have a Happy Marriage
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In the same way, if she comes to you with something, you should be able to share her feelings about it and help her if she needs it.

2. Be Protective

To show your wife that you love her, be there for her. Be protective but never abuse her. Some men ignore if someone else insults their wife, but we know you are not the same.

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You love your wife and it’s time you show her that. If someone insults your wife, protect her. You need to show that you support your wife and don’t tolerate others disrespecting her. Never tolerate if someone insults or says mean jokes at your wife.

Let people know that you are always at your wife’s side, come what may.

3. Respect Her Beliefs

If you are both from the same religious background, it will be easy to share in her religious faith, but if you are from different backgrounds, there can always be respect for what she believes in.

You should never make your wife feel silly for what she believes in, even if you don’t believe in the same. Let your wife know that you respect her beliefs.

4. Show Love to Her

Men aren’t the most sensitive bunch, and while it can be challenging for some to open up and show their love, it is a worthwhile endeavour.

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Most women love romance and like it when their husbands shower their love on them, so remember to be romantic with your wife once in a while.

Show your love to her by giving her random kisses throughout the day or hugging her and telling her that you love her. These little acts will brighten her day.

5. Support Her

If your wife has a goal she wants to work towards, do everything that you can to support her. Don’t laugh at her dreams because that will only break her spirit.

You are the one person in the world who she should feel she can get support from, even if the rest of the world thinks she is silly. So, stand up for her. Make her believe that she can do anything she wants to do. She will love you even more.

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6. Accept Her Faults

Men and women all have their flaws and faults, but true love is accepting the bad with the good. Focus on all the good things about her and ignore the things you don’t like.

If it is something that really bothers you, talk to her about it, or just learn to accept it. There may be things about you that she needs to learn to accept as well.

7. Don’t Lose The Romance

If you have been married for a while, it is easy for the romance to die out as time moves on. As her husband, do your part when it comes to holding on to the romance.

Don’t let it die. Take her out for a date or surprise her with flowers and a romantic night at a hotel, the choices are endless.

8. Talk Things Through

Every couple has disagreements, but the ones who learn to talk things through instead of becoming angry or bitter about it are the ones whose relationship lasts long.

Learning to respect each other’s opinions is very important in a marriage, and learning to communicate without screaming and shouting at each other will save your marriage and give your children a more secure home life.

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9. Take Care of Your Wife

If your wife falls sick or needs you to look after something, make sure you do it with your best efforts. Looking after each other through sickness and health is a part of your marriage vows and not something to be taken lightly.

A good wife would do anything to look after her husband in her way, and in the same way, a good husband does his best to look after his wife’s needs.

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