How to Collect NECO Original Certificate

Have you finished writing your NECO examination? Have you checked your results online and they are great? If so, then getting your NECO original result should be your next step.Information Guide Nigeria

Why? Because why wouldn’t you? You’ll need to gain admission into tertiary institutions and it’ll also make up part of your certificates—in some cases, you might be required to present a photocopy of your original certificate before you’ll be granted a job.

Hence, obtaining your original NECO certificate should be a must for anyone who passed their NECO examination. But how do you go about obtaining your Original Certificate? If that question has been plaguing your heart, then worry no more because, in this guide, you’ll be learning how to retrieve or collect your original NECO certificate.

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How to collect NECO original certificate

NECO examination has two categories: internal and external. Internal is meant for high school students who are in the third or final year of their secondary education while external is meant for private candidates—people who are not in the school system.

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How to collect NECO original certificate (Internal: June/July)

If you wrote the NECO internal examination and you want to collect your original NECO certificate, then you’ll have to visit the school where you took the examination.

The original NECO certificate is usually available for collection in about 3 months after the online version of the result has been released.Collect NECO Original Certificate

To Know when the original NECO certificate will be available for collection, you can ask your exam officer or principal.How to Write NYSC Permission Letter With Samples

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How to collect NECO original certificate (External: Nov/Dec)


For private candidates who sat for their exams at their respective NECO examination centres nationwide, before you’ll be able to collect your original NECO certificate, you’ll be required to visit the NECO office(s) in your state with the following documents:JAMB Result

  • Sworn affidavit
  • NECO Online result print-out
  • One passport-sized photograph
  • NECO Photo card
  • Identity card

Note: You’ll be asked to pay the NECO original certificate fee which costs one thousand Naira (NGN 1000) only.

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