How To Import Goods From China At Cheaper Price



Importing goods from China, USA, and the UK has become a gold mine, you virtually can sit in the comfort of your room and import goods, not just any kind of goods, but quality goods at very affordable prices, in fact, what am I saying, at very cheap prices as low as $1 and have them delivered to you here in Nigeria.

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How To Import Goods From China At Cheaper Price
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Those same products you imported spending just $1 which is about N365, you will comfortably sell to eager buyers for as much as N7500


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HOW TO ORDER FROM TOP WEBSITES like Aliexpress, 1688, Amazon, eBay, etc

¶ Visit this link

¶ Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner


¶ Click on register

¶ Fill in your details

¶ Click on submit
Now, having registered with a logistics company that can help you buy and ship the product of your choice. You will need to fund your Chrisvicmall Wallet, that is, you will need to pay them the money they would use to buy and ship your products, but how do you do that, that is what I’m gonna show you now.

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¶ Login to your Chrisvicmall Account

¶ Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top right-hand corner

¶ Click on the dashboard

¶ Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left-hand corner

¶ Click on My Wallet

¶ Choose your method of payment

For instance, say we choose ‘Pay with bank account’
¶ Click on Pay With Bank Account

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¶ Choose the bank you want to pay into

After paying, either through transfer or bank deposit, go back to the former page and click on My Wallet.

¶ Click on Payment Notification

¶ Fill in your details

¶ Click on Submit Notification

Now, having done all this, let’s import your first product, where should we import from now? Hmmmmmm, let’s import from, a China website, they have superior products that you can buy at prices as low as $1 and sell in Nigeria for as much as $20, cool cash right? Let’s dive in

HOW TO IMPORT GOODS, using this website, as a case study

¥ Go to,,,,,, alibaba or any other website you wish to import from

When the page loads, it will be in Chinese language, since it’s a Chinese website, check the bottom, click on English

¥ Now, type in the search box the product you want, it could be ladies shoes, wristwatches, whatever, for instance, shoe
¥ Then click on the shoes you want, once the shoe shows and it has loaded completely
NB: ¥1=N54
¥ Copy the URL link of the product

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¥ Go back to your Chrisvicmall Account, login
¥ Click on the 3 horizontal lines on the top left-hand corner
¥ Click on Order Placement

¥ Click on Purchase and Shipping

¥ Click on the box under website name, choose the website that you copied that URL link from

¥ Under the product link, paste that URL link you copied
¥ Then fill in the other details, like the price of the product which you saw, the number of products you wish to buy, that is, Quantity, the size, colour and other specifics of the product, that is, the product option.
You can leave the Seller Phone Section empty
¥ Click on Add Item to Cart
¥ Enter Item option(colour, size)

¥ Click on Add to Cart

¥ View your cart, scroll down

¥ After clicking there, select the one you wish to place an order for. Scroll down

¥ Click on the ‘Select Action Type’, Choose ‘Order Placement’

¥ Click on ‘Place Your Order’
Voila! You’re done, now you just need to wait for about 10-14days for your goods to arrive. Meanwhile, while you’re waiting, start advertising your products as if it had already arrived, if you need guidance as regards how to advertise on Facebook, I can guide you on that for a token of N2,000.

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