How to join WAEC group on WhatsApp

Are you among the candidates writing the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam? Then you definitely have to join a WAEC WhatsApp group. I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself “why do I need to join a WAEC group on WhatsApp?” Well, the reason behind the creation of the WAEC groups on WhatsApp is to help candidates get all the necessary information they need to know about WAEC, like the current syllabus of subjects, available online tutorials, past questions and answers, repeated questions, queries, information about the WAEC settings, and many more. Gone are the days when you struggle to stay informed about the WAEC procedures, now with the aid of WAEC groups on WhatsApp, students are now well informed and equipped to take the examination.Information Guide Nigeria

In the last, whenever a student encounters a problem during their WAEC registration, or even after the exams, they resort to panic and end up making further mistakes or spending a whole lot of money on a problem that may not have required them to spend that much. Now, with the creation of the WAEC WhatsApp groups, candidates can interact with themselves and get better information concerning any issue they are facing. Like the saying goes “two heads are better than one” what happens then when you have over 100 heads trying to solve a problem? You’ll definitely get the right answer.

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The WAEC WhatsApp groups have been proven to be a great asset to candidates looking to excel in their WAEC examination. I’m sure you’d love to excel in your WAEC exams too right? Then let’s get you into the perfect WAEC group on WhatsApp to join.JAMB Result

How to Join a WAEC group on WhatsApp

There are numerous WAEC groups online, most of them are fake, and used by people as a form of marketing scheme. Hence, it is important that you join a legit WhatsApp group that will provide you with the right information you need to pass your WAEC examination. To join a legit WAEC WhatsApp group follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Submit your WhatsApp phone number in the comment box below
  • Step 2: Wait for a short period, and you’ll be added to the WAEC group on WhatsApp

OR,WAEC group on WhatsApp

Click on the link below and submit your name and phone number in the required columns and you’ll be added to the WAEC WhatsApp group.JAMB Form


To join the WAEC group on WhatsApp you can simply tap on the invite link below. You’ll be added to a WAEC WhatsApp group. If the group is currently filled up, you can try methods 1 and 2 above and you’ll be added to another legit WAEC WhatsApp group.

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Warning: Do not send, post, or forward any broadcast message on any of our WAEC groups. Do not insult, quarrel, or fight with other candidates on the WhatsApp group, and do not post messages, pictures, or videos with adult content to avoid being removed from the group.Npower Recruitment

That’s it! By following the instructions and guidelines above, you’ll be able to join the best and most active WAEC group on WhatsApp.WAEC Result

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You can also tap on the share button below to share on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp so that your friends and loved ones will join you to make an excellent WAEC result.

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