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  • Quick Facts about Justin Berfield

Date of Birth: 25th of February 1986

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Net Worth: estimated to be $10 million

Salary:   Not Known

Height:  5ft 8inches

Horoscope: Pisces

Weight: 75kg

Justin Berfield Picture: instagram.com, @justinberfield Source: Instagram

Justin Berfield was born on February 25, 1986, he is a former American actor, writer, voice Iver artist, entrepreneur and producer, who is famous for his role in the Fox sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle as Reese, the older brother of Malcolm who was dimwitted

Not much is known about his early life as he has managed to keep his life out of the media but it is known that he was born to Gail Berfied(nee Stark)  who was a teacher and Eric Berfield, a real estate agent in Agoura Hills California, United State and he grew up with his younger brother Lorne Berfield who is a Jewish American actor. He was born on the same day as James Phelps and Oliver Phelps from the “Harry Potter” series

Justin Berfield Acting career

Berfield started his acting career at a very tender age of 5 while in kindergarten. At that time, he appeared in a commercial for Folgers Coffee where he played a supporting role.

He began starring in films and movies as a guest and starred in numerous supporting roles in the Hollywood film industry.

He appeared in 20 other nationally broadcast American commercials as a child.

His TV debut was In the short-lived television series, The Good Life (1994) where he co-starred with Drew Carey.

Berfield appeared in other television series which include Hardball, The Boys Are Back, The Mommies, Kim Possible, Malcolm in the Middle, and Sons of Tucson. He starred also starred in films such as who’s your daddy and Invisible mom 2

In 2000, he won a Young Star Award for the  “Best Young Ensemble Cast: Television.” and in 2002, he won a Young Artist award for ” Best ensemble in a television. Series.  The Agoura Hills-born actor was also nominated for Young Artist Award for “Best Supporting Young Actor Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama).”

He had been nominated for seven awards

He was the youngest actor to have appeared in 100 episodes of 2 different television series after appearing in all 151 episodes of Malcolm in the middle.

He produced 2 films which are Romance and cigarettes and blonde ambition and has starred in 4 films and 14 television series. The movie, blonde ambition failed at the box office and received poor reviews.

His work includes the following:

Who’s Your Daddy?
Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive
Malcolm in the Middle
The Fairly Oddparents
Nightmare Room
Unhappily Ever After

Though with a gentle outlook, he holds a third-degree red belt in Tang Soo Do karate.

He threw out an opening pitch at the Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees baseball game which was held on the 22nd of May 2004.

His active years of acting and film production were between 1991-2012, now he is in real estate business

He served as a national youth ambassador for Ronald Mcdonald house charities for 3 years before turning 18 where he donated 100,000 dollars to its world Children’s Day benefit in 2002

He now works with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Virgin Unite, the charity arm of Virgin Group.

He enjoys giving to charity and volunteering

Since 2010, he has worked as the chief creative officer of Virgin produced, a film and TV development and production company situated in Los Angeles.

He founded two production companies J2 Pictures and J2TV which he co-founded with his business partner Jason Felts in 2004.

He loves travelling and doing sports

Justin Berfield’s love life

There have been rumours about his sexual orientation, it is said that he was in a relationship with Jason Felts, his bysiness partner as they had been seen together at parties and public places as he has never been spotted with a woman

Since he hasn’t come out to debunk the rumour yet, we can’t say for sure that he is a homosexual

He is presently married to Liza Berfield who is said to be his long-term girlfriend and together,  they have a daughter who was born in 2020

In January 2006, Berfield bought the house that was made famous in the hit reality show series “Newlyweds” which starred Nick Lachey and Jessica. The house, which is located in Calabasas, California, was reported to be priced at $3.75 million; however, Berfield’s representatives declined to disclose his offer.

He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter

Famous quotes from Justin Berfield include;

  • On the set, I’m really quiet. Instead of chatting it up between takes I’m always watching and listening. The wheels are spinning in my head all the time.
  • (On his old neighbourhood in the outskirts of L.A.) – “L.A. can be intense but the second you get over the hill into Calabasas, your stress level immediately drops because it’s so peaceful and safe. Sometimes I really miss it.”
  • If you always do, what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always gotten.


Justin Berfield Social media presence

Justin is currently not available on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok but is active on Instagram with over 240,000 followers

He is generally reserved, as he has managed to maintain a low profile and so very little is known about his personal life.

We can say he is doing well even though he is not gracing our screens anymore, he is building a profitable business outside Hollywood


What happened to Justin Berfield? Justin has largely quit the acting world, and hasn’t acted since the show ended aside from a couple of TV movies.
where does Justin Berfield live? resides in Los Angeles.
How old wasJustin Berfield in malcolm in the middle? 36 years
How much isJustin Berfield worth?  Justin Berfield IS estimated to be $10 million
How tall is Justin Berfield? He is 5ft 8inches
Justin Berfield where is he? Justin stayed in Hollywood but transitioned into a producer role. According to his Instagram, he is also an avid fisherman.
How old was Justin Berfield in 2009? About 23 years
How old was Justin Berfield in 2000? About 14 years
What movies hasJustin Berfield been in? Since 2010, he has been the Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced, a film and TV production company in LA.
Justin Berfield whos dated who? Justin Berfield’s is not dating anyone.
How old was Justin Berfield when malcolm in the middle first aired? 13 years
What is justin berfield doing? he has been the Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Produced, a film and TV production company in LA.
what high school did justin berfield go to? Agoura High School

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