Keys to Build Social Intelligence


Keys to Build Social Intelligence

Three keys to building social intelligence

Just because we’re mostly stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t become better social beings. Now more than ever, in fact, it’s important to make sure your ability to communicate and influence others is at its best.


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Keys to Build Social Intelligence
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The key, as Gleb Tsipursky explains is listening well, building trust, and developing rapport. Here’s how you do those 3 things:

1. Be empathetic

This one’s obvious, but a lot of people lose their empathy when they get caught up in getting what they want from someone. Don’t let that happen to you.


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Always attempt to understand the feelings behind someone else’s words. Notice not only the content of their words but the body language and tone they exhibit as well. That’s how you learn what their words really “mean.”

Demonstrate this empathy by keeping your own body and face directed toward them, keep your arms and posture open, and smile at them. And don’t forget eye contact!

2. Mirroring

Mirroring is a classic technique for showing others you’re trustworthy. Most people who employ it do so with body language—crossing your arms when they do, leaning forward or back with them, etc.

But mirroring is verbal as well. If they use jargon or acronyms, learn those quickly and use them as well. When they’ve finished a long thought, repeat an important part of it back to them as a question.

If you can begin to do these things naturally and subconsciously, they’ll appreciate you more subconsciously as well.

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3. Get on their team

Make them feel like you both belong to the same group. Emphasize the things you share and the goals you have. Make it clear you’re on their side.

Build rapport by showing that you understand their obstacles with some humor (just no sarcasm!). And don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself a little bit to be endearing and bring down their guard.

Your social intelligence is critical to developing beneficial relationships with anyone, from loved ones to major stakeholders.

Apply empathetic listening to show you care, mirror their behavior to build a connection, and develop rapport to show them you’re on their side.
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