Madagascar’s COVID-19 Cure Rejection


Madagascar’s Covid-19 Cure Rejection: Is W.H.O Following A Script And Trump May Be Right After All?

Just this week, news broke that Madagascar has gotten a herbal cure, but at the turn of events, the World Health Organization (W.H.O) outrightly rejects it. And the basis for the rejection was that the herbal ‘tonic’ has not been scientifically tested.

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Madagascar's COVID-19 Cure Rejection
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Though according to the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (IMRA), they have tested it. And there has been a positive outcome, as two people have fully recovered from the Corona Virus.

The following questions are coming to mind:

How could Madagascar, among many other nations, especially those with more sophisticated technologies, be the one to lay claim to the discovery of a drug or rightly so, a herbal mixture that can cure Corona Virus?

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What is wrong with the herbal mixture?


Is W.H.O not interested in bringing an end to the ravaging storm of Covid19?

Is it possible that the World Health Organization is actually and truly compromising with some agents or government entities?

The reality is that there are many sides to the issue.

If you could recollect, Trump had on many occasions, attacked China and WHO for not being transparent. US Donald Trump accused the World Health Organization (W.H.O) of being an accomplice to China, by also accepting the information or data released by them, thus shielding the rest of the world from the true scale or impact of the Corona Virus in Wuhan, before spreading to the remaining parts of the world. As a consequence of that, Trump withdrew the yearly funding for W.H.O.

The view Trump maintained of W.H.O is that they are dancing to the tune of China at the detriment of the rest of the world.

There are quite a number of conspiracy theories too with respect to that. Some of the states that there is some conservationist who has sponsored research into a virus that should kill some percentage of humans off, and by effect, reducing the ever-increasing human population.

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And this is why people attacked Bill Gates as one of such persons. The reason is that he insisted that people must take his vaccine, like a digital certificate to overcome the Corona Virus impact or effect in the future.

If the conspiracy theories are true. Then the plan is simple. The group of individuals who were claimed to sponsor the research into the deadly virus in Wuhan knows the outcome they seek.

And one of the outcomes is that they want to make enough money from the vaccine that they have produced alongside the research into the creation of the killer virus.

They make the virus and also develop the vaccine. After months of the virus ravishing the world, killing enough people as they want, then once the number they expect is reached, then they stop.

And to end the chain reaction of deaths, they make the vaccine available at a price, which they know that people will pay for. This is because everyone not dead seeks to protect their lives.

Will this plan be achieved if the world could come up with a vaccine? Or will they be able to make the money they want if people are developing immunity against the virus? The answer to the two questions is no. And this leads us to what could be the script.

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This is where W.H.O comes in.

World Health Organization will stand to disapprove every other vaccine or drug coming from anybody outside the circle of the planners. Their reasons will be that those drugs or vaccines are not good enough, or that they have not been tested on humans before.

Just whatever reasons for the user not to be put in action, thus limiting the mission or the chances of the conspirators to achieve their goals.

The actions of Bill Gates has been incredibly suspicious. The moment Donald Trump pulls the funding of W.H.O, that is the exact moment he donated half of US funding, which is two hundred and fifty million Dollars. Don’t you smell a rat?

This gives credence to why W.H.O will not be flexible with all other developers of vaccines and drugs, citing Madagascar as an example.

Though people are complaining that the hidden reason for the rejection is because it was an African solution. If it were to be the white people who develop the herbal cure, they will embrace it and approve it for use.

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What is evident is that there may be no one particular reason for the rejection except that the tendency for their plans to fall through is daring them in the face and they don’t want to lose out in the fight, even though they pretend as if they are fighting with the world against the virus, what is looking likely the case is that they are actually aiding and abetting some evil perpetrators, thus following an evil script.

Now, what do you think of W.H.O being an accomplice to China in their quest for world dominance?

Could Donald Trump be acting too emotional against the executives of W.H.O?

Are those who claimed to be doing us good actually sending more harm our way since they don’t have the same perceptions as we do?

Kindly drop your comments and let’s hear what you think.

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