Nigerian Students Call for the Professionalization of Their Course of Study by the Federal Government


Due to the ongoing and growing challenge of Nigeria to fight the deadly novel coronavirus Disease 19, Students of tertiary institutions across the across have taken to the social media to express their opinions on their course of study,
“Microbiology”, how they can be of help, and provide a remedy for their tomorrow and that of the nation.

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Nigerian Students Call for the Professionalization of Their Course of Study by the Federal Government
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Without further ado, they took the campaign to the Social media (Twitter) to declare the professionalization of microbiology, a bill already in the National assembly.


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They launched the campaign to draw awareness to the bill by all of Nigerian Society. They launched out for an online sensitization to see their course getting professionalized.

Microbiology is a fascinating study of microorganisms (our unseen neighbours). Most microbes are not harmful but on the other side, they pose a significant threat. They can be either be friends or lethal enemies. In history, microorganisms have been a major challenge to the health sector globally, with countless pandemic in the past which claimed thousands and hundreds of thousands life.


These organisms, therefore, needs to be more critically studied. This can only be possible by using the right personnel.

Don’t think microbiology is all about wearing Lab coats, gloves, and Sitting in the laboratory throughout the day glaring at the culture plates.

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They do far more than you can think of; they are out there dealing with the most lethal Organisms. Part of their job is to examine microbes to have a better understanding of them for the betterment of all.

Numerous fascinating specializations are offered by this course of study.

These students, however, claim to be sidelined, underrated in the Nigerian educational system, and not recognized in some sectors where they could be pertinent answers to the arising problems.

They lament of countless graduates in the field dropping the course after bagging their for a side hustle all because they are being neglected.

Don’t you think they have a say, especially going with the deadly onslaught by Covid-19. They definitely deserve better and want a remedy for their tomorrow.

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Covid-19: The relevance of Microbiologists

1. They have many answers as to understanding this deadly creature; they deal with them every day.

2. They carry out researches on microbes (of which coronavirus belongs to), how they work, and implement the knowledge gotten to prevent the spread of diseases.

3. They test samples in the laboratory to diagnose infections which can be caused by different types of microbes such as viruses, bacteria, etc.

4. They monitor disease outbreaks

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5. They develop vaccines after carrying out researches to prevent disease outbreaks. They need to be made relevant to prevent future outbreaks of diseases or pandemic.

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