2019-20 Purdue Academic Calendar – Spring, Summer, Fall


Are you looking for Purdue University Academic Calendar? If yes, you are in the right place. See the 2019-20 Purdue Academic Calendar here showing the list of academic events, deadlines and holidays for Spring, Summer, Fall semesters.

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Purdue University is a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, and the flagship campus of the Purdue University system. The university was founded in 1869 after Lafayette businessman John Purdue donated land and money to establish a college of science, technology, and agriculture in his name.


Remaining Parts of the Purdue Academic Calendar 2018-19

Purdue Academic Calendar 2019 SPRING SEMESTER (201920)

JANUARY   2019

Monday               7        CLASSES BEGIN                                            7:30 a.m.


Monday            14         Last day to register without a late fee              5:00 p.m.

Monday            21         Last day to cancel a course assignment without it appearing on the record

Monday             21        MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY (No Classes)



Monday              4         Last day to withdraw a course with a grade of W or to add/modify a course with instructor and advisor signature

Monday             18        Last day for grade correction for fall                5:00 p.m. semester 2018



Monday               4        Second Eight-Week Courses Begin                7:30 a.m.

Friday ^               8        Last day to withdraw from a course with a W or WF grade         5:00 p.m.

Friday ^               8        Last day to add/modify a course with  instructor, advisor and department head signature – 5:00 p.m.

Monday             11        Schedule of Classes published for Fall 2019 Term

Mon-Sat          11-16     SPRING VACATION  – 7:30 a.m.



Saturday            27        CLASSES END                                              12:20 p.m.

Monday             29        FINAL EXAMS BEGIN                                     8:00 a.m.



Saturday             4         FINAL EXAMS END Saturday             4         SEMESTER ENDS

Saturday             4         Deadline for pending incomplete Spring 2018 grades to become failing grades        5:00 p.m.

Tuesday             7         GRADES DUE                                                 5:00 p.m.

Friday                10        COMMENCEMENT (1st Division)                    3:00 p.m.

COMMENCEMENT (2nd Division)**                7:00 p.m.+

Saturday            11        COMMENCEMENT (3rd Division)                   9:30 a.m.

COMMENCEMENT (4th Division)**                2:00 p.m. Sunday              12        COMMENCEMENT (5th Division)                   9:30 a.m.

COMMENCEMENT (6th Division)**                 2:00 p.m.

**Subject to change

Purdue Academic Calendar 2019 SUMMER SESSION


Monday                13        12-WEEK MODULE BEGINS                             7:30 a.m.

Monday                13        FIRST 8-WEEK MODULE BEGINS                   7:30 a.m.

Monday                13        FIRST 4-WEEK MODULE BEGINS                   7:30 a.m.

Monday                27        MEMORIAL DAY (No Classes)



Friday                    7        FIRST 4-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                     5:30 p.m.

Monday                10        SECOND 8-WEEK MODULE BEGINS              7:30 a.m.

Monday                10        SECOND 4-WEEK MODULE BEGINS              7:30 a.m.



Thursday             4        INDEPENDENCE HOLIDAY OBSERVED (No Classes)

Friday                5        FIRST 8-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                     5:30 p.m.

Friday                5        SECOND 4-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                5:30 p.m.

Monday             8        THIRD 4-WEEK MODULE BEGINS                  7:30 a.m.

Wed                 31#      FINAL EXAMS FOR 2nd 8-WK MODULE           8:00 a.m.



Thurs-Fri         1-2#     FINAL EXAMS FOR 2nd 8-WK MODULE         8:00 a.m.

Friday                2        SECOND 8-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                5:30 p.m.

Friday                2        12-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                               5:30 p.m.

Friday                2        THIRD 4-WEEK MODULE ENDS*                     5:30 p.m.

Saturday           3         COMMENCEMENT                                            9:30 a.m.

* Summer grades due by 5:00 p.m. of the second working day after the end of each module

Purdue Academic Calendar 2019 FALL SEMESTER (202010)

AUGUST       2019

Monday                19        CLASSES BEGIN                                              7:30 a.m.

Tuesday               27        Last day to register without a late fee                5:00 p.m.



Monday                  2        Last day to cancel a course assignment without it appearing on record

Monday                  2        LABOR DAY (No Classes)

Monday                16        Last day to withdraw a course with a                 5:00 p.m. grade of W or to add/modify a course

with instructor and advisor signature

Monday                30        Last day for grade correction for spring             5:00 p.m. semester 2018-19 and 2019 summer



Monday                 7         Schedule of Classes published for

Spring 2020 Term

Mon-Tues            7-8       OCTOBER BREAK

Wednesday          16        Second Eight-Week Courses Begin                  7:30 a.m.

Tuesday               22        Last day to withdraw from a course with a        5:00 p.m.

W or WF grade

Tuesday               22        Last day to add/modify a course with  instructor, advisor and department head signatures              5:00 p.m.


Wed-Sat            27-30     THANKSGIVING VACATION



Saturday                7        CLASSES END                                                12:20 p.m.

Monday                 9         Schedule of Classes published for

Summer 2020 Term


Mon-Sat              9-14      FINAL EXAMS                                                   8:00 a.m.

Saturday              14        SEMESTER ENDS                                            9:00 p.m.

Deadline for pending incomplete Fall 2018

Saturday              14        grades to become failing grades                       5:00 p.m.


Sunday                 15        COMMENCEMENT (1st Div.)                             9:30 a.m.

COMMENCEMENT (2nd Div.)**                         2:00 p.m. Tuesday               17        GRADES DUE                                                   5:00 p.m.

Purdue Academic Calendar TENTATIVE DATES FOR 2019-20


August 19 – December 14, 2019

Labor Day                          September 2 (Monday)

October Break                    October  7-8 (Mon-Tues)

Thanksgiving Vacation       November 27-30 (Wed-Sat)

Commencement                December 15 (Sunday)


January 13 – May 9, 2020

M. L. King Jr. Day     January 20 (Monday)

Spring Vacation         March 16-21 (Mon-Sat)

Commencement        May 15, 16, 17 (Fri, Sat, Sun)


May 18 – August 7, 2020

Memorial Day                     May 25 (Monday)

Independence Day            July 3 (Friday)

Commencement                August 8 (Saturday)

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Please note that the Purdue Academic Calendar is subject to change. Kindly visit the official Purdue Academic Calendar page here for any update.

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