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Rate My Professor UCSD – 15 Steps to Rate University of California, San Diego Professors, Read Review, Ratings

Welcome Rate My Professor UCSD website. Here you will have the opportunity to write reviews and rating about your favorite professor. Read other students reviews, see ratings and comments about your Professor at the University of California, San Diego.

Apart from writing review, you can also read more about other professors reviews written by other students. Here you have a chance to know more about professors before hand if they are good or bad.

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Rate My Professor UF – 15 Steps to Rate University of California, San Diego Professors

You can follow the instructions below on how to Rate University of Florida Professors.

Step 1: Visit the official rate my professor website here

Step 2: Enter your course code: Please make sure this is accurate, or your entire rating may be removed.
examples: COS126, ECON238

Step 3: Rate your Professor using the rating scale

Step 4: Rate the level of difficulty with the professor using the rating scale

Step 5: Select if you will like to take the professor again

Step 6: Select if the class taught by the professor was taken for credit or not

Step 7: Select if you used textbooks for the class or not

Step 9. Select if the class attendance was compulsory or not

Step 10: Select top three (3) tags. These are keywords that best explain your professor

Step 11: Write a more concise description and review about your professor in less than 350 words.

Step 12: Select the grade received in the class taught by the professor.

Step 13: Select your major

Step 14: perform the captcha check to prove you are not a robot

Step 15: Click submit.

The whole review will be submitted. When approved, you and other students can see your professor’s rating online.

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