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10 Ways to Get Rid Of Dog Smell in the House

Get Rid of Dog Smell – Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. People have been breeding them since pre-historical times. They have many positive effects on the emotional and social lives of their owners.

Gone are the days when dogs are left to run, wander and sleep outside in the open.  Now, they form an integral part of our family lives. They now cuddle with us on the sofa for hours as we watch TV and video programs, snuggle and sleep with us on our beds and even join in family outings and holidays.

Unfortunately, the major challenge facing dog owners is how to get rid of dog smell in the house.

Before venturing into the 10 ways to combat and  get rid of dog smell in the house, let us first look at what makes dogs to have this distinct and unpleasant smell that is unique to each and which most times makes visitors to the house uncomfortable and at the same time, doesn’t reflect well on the dog owners:

A . Dogs produce a kind of oil that is unique to each one of them and this gives rise to the unpleasant odour that worsens as they warm up after exercise.

B . Dogs do not sweat through the skin but through the feet. If left uncleaned over time,  it starts to give that bad dog smell that permeates the house as they step those dirty paws on literally most things in the house.

C . Wax builds up in their ears over time just like in human beings. This oftentimes leads to ear irritation and infection that will end up oozing bad odor if left untreated. They will still scratch it with their dirty paws onto the house floor and other crannies.

D . When the female dog is in heat, it has a peculiar odor that is unique to each and it spreads through the house.

E. Dogs drool a lot and this often leaves a bad smell of their saliva on their beds, family beds, carpets, furniture etc especially when they have a dental infection or bleedy gums due to loss of their teeth.

F . Dogs like to roll and play in poop and they end up bringing bad odor inside the house.

10 Ways to get Rid of Dog Smell in the House

10 Ways to get Rid of Dog Smell in the House

This has always been a great challenge facing dog owners across the globe funnily, experts maintain that bathing dogs often is not in their interests as it does them more harm than good. It gives them rashes, and legions and stiffens their furs. It is advised to bathe them at intervals and when they stink. Ordinarily, just brush and groom them regularly so as to get rid of odors, dirt, ticks, mud, and excess oil on their skin. Also, endeavor to brush their teeth to get rid of the bad odor in their saliva as they most times drool over humans licking their faces.

Overall, listed below are 10 ways to get rid of that dog smell in the house that have been proven to be successful over time :

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1 . Use of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers of high quality that reduce odor and are safe for both humans and dogs can be used to get rid of dog odor in the house. They can remove 99.99% of pollutants in the house like pet dander, odors, airborne bacteria, fungi and viruses, microorganisms, and dust particles. They clean automatically and are non-toxic. These high-quality products can be bought at Amazon at affordable rates like Austin products (Air Pet Machine Air purifier at $600, Puro Air Purifier at $300, Filtrete Air Purifier at $120, Levoit Air Purifier at $99 amongst other good ones.

2 . House Sweeping

All dust particles, furs and every other dirt brought into the house by the dog can be swept out delicately and carefully to avoid spreading them through the house. The debris is then emptied into the dustbin which is then covered with paper to keep them from billowing.

3. Use of baking Powder

This can be poured liberally on the carpet, furniture, and other items where dogs step and stay. Allow them to sit overnight before sweeping them off. Being odorless, it helps to get rid of that dog smell from the house by absorbing the odor and eliminating it naturally.

4. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the curtains, carpets, furniture, floors, and the whole house to eliminate dog odors and furs at least twice/thrice per week using a strong cleaning solution with very hot water for best and lasting results.

5. Wash all bed linens

Wash all bed linens, throw pillows, couch covers, and any other material that dogs lie on at least twice a week to get rid of that distinct but unpleasant dog smell in the house.

6. Wash all dog items

Thoroughly wash all used dog items like beds, blankets, beddings, food bowls, harnesses, toys, collars,s, etc to get rid of odors and bacteria. Replace the ones that need to be replaced.

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7. Ventilation

Ventilate/Air the house by opening all screened doors and windows to let out bad air and allow good air to come in to get rid of the dog smell in the house. On the fans to speed up this process.

8. Health

Schedule a visit to the Vet to examine the dog and treat any health issues like dental, ear, and skin infections that promote that bad dog odor around the house.

9. Wipe Dogs Paw

Always wipe dogs’ paws and fur after a walk most especially on a rainy day to avoid the growth of bacteria and minimize the spread of dirt and odor in the house. Also, open a pack of baking powder and leave it open near the dog’s play or sleep area to absorb the bad odor emanating from there.

10. Use Fragrance

Above all, you can go the extra mile and give the house a sweet fragrance not only to rid the house of that dog smell but also for comfort and relaxation by filling the house with fresh sweet smelling flowers, scented candles, and other quality products that can be bought at Amazons like The Fresh Wave Continuous Release Odour Eliminator made from natural extracts at $40, The Spray and Neutralize Spot Cleaning Spray(Magic Pet Odour Eliminator that is non – corrosive and non – staining on any surface at $10.

Don’t forget that you can buy the pre-listed Air – Purifiers (RE: No 1) at Amazon. I recommend that you check them out because they are of the best quality.

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To save cost, make this easy Homemade Odour Neutralizer/Surface Cleaner that is non-toxic to get rid of the dog smell from the house:

  1. Bring a clean empty spray bottle
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Add 2 cups of white vinegar
  4. Add 4 tablespoons of baking powder
  5. Shake very well to allow the mixture to incorporate very well
  6. Spray through the house and do the needful as required

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