Should Federal Government Extend or Relax the Lockdown


A few days ago, at the live broadcast of the Nigerian President, President Muhammad Buhari, he announced Federal Government’s lawn to relax lockdown on May 4.

This message has received a lot of credits from the majority Nigerians, while the minority Nigeria felt the resident has goofed in his planned decision to relax the lockdown.

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Should Federal Government Extend or Relax the Lockdown
Should Federal Government Extend or Relax the Lockdown – Photo Source:

I will be doing a thorough analysis of why the government is wrong to about this design. Using Ghana as a Case study.

On the 20th of April this year, Ghana president Nana Amigo announced his plan to lift the ban on lock. At this period, ghana conducted Sixty-eight thousand tests, with 1042 confirmed cases, confirmed by Bloomberg news. Within 10days, Ghana Recorded 60 Per Cent Increase In Cases After Lifting Lockdown.

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However, since the lockdown, the country has experienced a surge in the number of people testing positive for the virus.

As at 10 days ago, the confirmed cases were 1,042 but as at today (Wednesday) it is now 1,671, this translates to about 60 per cent increase from 10 days ago.

So, people are sceptical and think that the President hasn’t made a good decision but he is trying to buttress his points that he is looking at this from an economic point of view because right now, 70 per cent of the economy in Ghana is driven by SMEs and these are the hardest hit people.

Nigeria is following Ghana templates about relaxing lockdown which may expose millions. Of Nigerians to Corona Virus.

As at today May 2, 2020, Nigeria hasn’t done up to 25,000 bearings in mind Nigeria population is estimated at two hundred million.

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Nobody knows who is having this virus and so relaxing lockdown without proper measure may lead to governments residents houses to isolation centre cos the victims maybe thousands and Nigeria doesn’t have the capacity to house thousands in hospital. I think the government should stop thinking from an economic point of view and do the needful

Today, Nigeria has confirmed 238 new cases of coronavirus, raising the country’s total to 2,170.


Federal Government should do the following:

1. Extend lockdown by three weeks

2. Give #75k to every Nigerian citizen

3. Purchase or Develop enough testing kits for Mass Testing, mostly in high affected stress,

4. sensitize the Citizens from grass root levels

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5. Provide Millions of Face mask for free

6 Mandate use of face mask, with high penalties for violators

7 Mandate Social distancing, ban on the social gathering, interstate travelling with high penalties floor violators.

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