Top 50 sexiest anime girls of all time

The anime medium is filled with many characters placed within themselves – strong or weak, tall or short, slim or…

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Who Wins The Girl

*WHO WINS THE GIRL?* For the fourth day in a row, he saw her on the bus. He was so…

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My Drama

THE STRUGGLE) PROLOGUE Korede is with his girlfriend Bella. Bella reveals to Korede that she is pregnant for him. Korede…

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Time to Help

*It Is Not A Time To Blame; It Is A Time To Help One Another!* Passengers in a car at…

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The Incident That Changed Everything (Fiction)

Mr. Edwards was our Landlord. He was not quite the friendly landlord. Pay your rent before or on expiry and…

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Àpá means Scar ( A pathetic Story)

*Àpá means Scar ( pathetic Story) This is the story of my Àpá. *Àpá means scar* I finished my NYSC…

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