Tasia Alexis Biography, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, why did she go to jail?

Tasia Alexis Biography
Tasia Alexis Picture, Photo source; dotlocal.org

Who is Tasia Alexis? Tasia Alexis biography, profile, relationship, early life, personal life, modeling stats, family career/occupation, investments, properties, net worth, lifestyle, and social media followers on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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Who is Tasia Alexis Hussey

Tasia Alexis Hussey is an American celebrity who have made a name online on social media for herself by posting engaging and captivating contents and modelling type-pictures on different online platforms. She is very popular on social media platforms like Vine, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. Over the years, she have been able to build a huge fan base.

Profile Summary:

  • Full Name:  Tasia Alexis
  • Nick Name Tasia
  • Surname: Hussey
  • Sex: Female
  • Date of Birth: 20th March, 1998
  • Age: 24 years old
  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Denomination: Christianity
  • Ethnicity:                                   White
  • Place of Origin: Georgia, United States of America
  • Residential Address New Atlanta, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Language English
  • Sexuality Straight
  • Height:                             5 Feet 8 inches(1.73m)
  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Hazel Green
  • Weight: 54kg(119 lbs)
  • Measurement:                 33-24-34
  • Shoe Size(US): 9
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband’s Name: Jesus Harlow
  • No of Children: Two
  • Sex(s):                       Male & Female
  • Favourite Food: Italian Cuisine
  • Pet Labrador Retriever
  • Favourite Colour: Navy Blue and Red
  • Lucky Stone Acquamarine
  • Favourite Destination: Paris
  • Favourite Actors: Will Smith & Tom Hanks
  • Favourite Actresses: Alexandra Daddario & Jessica Alba
  • Favourite Sports: Baseball
  • Favourite sports person: Greg Maddox
  • Hobbies:                                Making videos, Photoshoot,    Musical Styles, Performing and Travelling
  • Profession:   Social media content Creator, Model.
  • Social Media Presence:    Vine, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok
  • School Regional High School
  • Academic Qualification:    Graduate
  • Dad:  Jamie Hussey
  • Mum: Leah Hussey
  • Step Father Corey Smith
  • No of Brothers: Two
  • No of Sisters: One(Half sister)

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Tasia Alexis Hussey’s Biography and Early Life

Tasia Alexis Hussey was born in the family of Jamie and Leah Hussey on the 20th of March 1998 in Georgia, United States of America. She was born into a white middle class family. Her father is an entrepreneur and a co -vine online creator. She has 3 younger siblings, 2 brothers(Ashton and London) and a half sister(Tatum Cora Smith) that was born by her mum in her 2nd marriage after she divorced Tasia’s father. During her schooling at her Regional High School, she developed a very strong interest in social media networking and the possibility of gaining fame using the different online platforms. Tasia Alexis began her online career by  posting her personal video contents on the app Vine. Her parents were very supportive of her dreams.


Tasia Alexis Hussey started her online career while she was still in high school using the App Vine. She was posting her own engaging and humorous contents based on her personal lifestyle and family activities. The app was a short form video hosting service that began operation in 2012. It was acquired by twitter after just a few months in operation.  As at 2015, It had over 200 million active users and was in strong competition with Other platforms like Instagram. It allowed users to post different six-second long looping video clips on the apps platform.  Other users could browse that of the other users of the app through the theme and trending categories. Tasia Alexis co- posted some videos with her Dad who was also active on the platform with his own followers. Initially, most of her followers were family members, friends and class mates. Overtime, with the different engaging videos she shared online, she gained an impressive number of fans with over 3.6 million followers. Consequently, she was dubbed “The growing vine celebrity of all time”.

Tasia Alexis Picture: instagram.com, @tasiaalexis Source: Instagram

With her growing  online popularity and huge fan base, Tasia Alexis  was able to collaborate with Sam Pottorff who is an internet personality. In 2014, she also performed with Alexander Hoitti at the Los Angeles House of Blues. These features made her more popular online and gained her more fans. In 2016, twitter disabled all the app’s downloads, uploaded all the videos to an online archive  and shut down the app. Along with other users and other celebrities that have carved out niches for themselves on the platform, she sought for alternatives.

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She diverted her video postings to the video sharing website YouTube. On 27th January,  2020, she created her account on the platform “The Hazel Family”. Tasia uploaded her first posting on 6th December, 2021 with the title “ HOW MY HUSBAND AND I MET”. It has 140k views. but she was not as successful as she was on the Vine app network and based on this, she stopped her video postings.

Other account owners took advantage of this situation and uploaded some of her videos.  From hereon, she opened her account on Instagram. She posted various appealing postings on her personal life, selfies, family life/updates, her sexy personal and modelling pictures, pictures of her friends, challenges, travels, lifestyle, her trending clothes and vlogs. These shared contents  gained her huge popularity and followers.

Her other most viewed videos include: “Wedding  Photos”, “New Years/Morning Routine”, “Overcoming Addiction” etc.  It was at this point that a big difference in her style was noticed by her fans. Her posts on Instagram gradually lessened before it eventually stopped. As at that time, she had over 460,000 followers. Because of her continuous absence online, most of her fans assumed she have retired to pursue other activities same as some of her online colleagues previously did. But after a long interval , in early 2019,Tasia Alexa posted her first video online on TikTok explaining to her fans the reasons why she have been offline for such a long while.

According to her, she was pregnant with a baby girl and her first post was a video of her holding her baby while singing a song. Again on 11th November, on TikTok, she surprised her fans when she informed them that her absence online was also because she was incarcerated in the prison. She posted a before and after styling video where she showed the  mugshot of the time she served in prison when she was arrested and convicted on February. On the post she wrote #MyPastMadeMeWhoIAmToday#ThankYouJesus#.

Based on the many questions from her fans concerning the mugshot, Tasia Alexa posted another video on 22ND November which she captioned “Prison Diaries” in which she confirmed about her time in prison and narrated some stories of her experiences at that traumatic time. Also, in early January, she posted another picture explaining how she wore her hair in prison. In the course of her career, she have had so many brushes with the law which created gaps in her online video sharing.

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Tasia Alexis Hussey’s many Brushes with the Law

The social media star have been arrested by the law enforcement agents a couple of times and have been convicted due to her drinking and drug addiction issues.

  1. She was indicted with Driving under influence(DUI) – Alcohol charge on the 12th August, 2018
  2. On 9th November, 2018. Tasia was convicted for driving while her license was revoked/suspended
  3. Convicted for willful obstruction of law enforcement officers
  4. Tasir was also convicted for the possession of alcohol by a minor
  5. She was arrested for attempting to elude a police officer
  6. Based on Newton County jail log, Tasia Alexis was arrested on charges of Forgery and possession of methamphetamine and spent time in prison on 9th February, 2019
  7. Was also once arrested for physically assaulting a cop for trespass

But in her subsequent TikTok posts, she revealed that she is no longer drinking or using drugs as she have found “Jesus” and explained how her Christian faith is helping her live a sober life. Tasia Alexis added these hashtags to her Bio on her social media accounts.

  • The famous christian verse Philippians 4:13 that states “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.
  • #MakeAmericaSoberAgain#


Tasia Alexis Hussey got married to her long time boyfriend “Jesus Harlow”  an influencer whom she met on social  media. They were friends for a long time before finally getting married. They are happily married with two children(A son and a daughter) named Greenly and Princeton. They have a Labrador Retriever that she spends much time with. Their daughter “Greenly “ has her own Instagram account.

Tasia Alexis Career and Net Worth

The estimated net worth of the American Instagram star according to wikipedia is pegged between $1 million and $5 million. This includes income and money generated from her career as an online content creator, television personality star, model, artist, from  sponsorship deals and marketing. She also has her own merchandise line called ‘Goregousss”.  Her career is based on digital media.

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Tasia Alexis Social Media followers

Because online content is her forte, she is quite popular online and is seen as a social media personality with millions of followers that she shares many humorous, catchy and engaging contents with on her different social media accounts:

  • On vine app                                            Over 3.6 million followers
  • TikTop app           Over 3.5 million fans and over 1.3 million followers
  • Instagram Handle: (@tasiaalexis)    Over 698,000 followers
  • Twitter Over 224,000 followers
  • You Tube Over 804 followers
  • Collaboration email Tasia@LostFilesMedia.com


Who is Tasia Alexis hussey married to? Tasia Hussey is currently married to Leah
Why did Tasia Alexis go to prison?  Tasia was arrested and charged with forgery and possession of methamphetamine. For many who used to follow Tasia, her arrest helps explains why she disappeared.
How old is Tasia Alexis?  24 years as of 2022
Who is Tasia Alexis? She is a model and social media personality from America.
How did Tasia Alexis get famous? TASIA ALEXIS is a model and social media personality from America. She became famous on Vine, where she had a huge following before the app
where is Tasia Alexis from? Georgia, USA,
How long was Tasia Alexis in prison? She was jailed for eight months
Where does Tasia Alexis live? Georgia
When is Tasia Alexis birthday? 20 March 1998
Who is Tasia Alexis husband? Greenly Harlow
How old is Tasia Alexis daughter? 4
How tall is Tasia Alexis? Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)
Tasia Alexis where did she go? Jail
What is Tasia Alexis doing? Tasia Alexis Hussey, better known to most as just Tasia from Vine, is a social media star who became famous after posting videos on the video-sharing site Vine.
How much does Tasia Alexis make? She has a net worth that is over $50,000, earned through a successful career online.

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