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How To Uninstall Median XL completely

In this article, you will see how to uninstall median xi. Median XL is a third-party application that offers Diablo II overhaul modifications, with extensive endgame contents, thousands of various new items, skills for all classes, and many more.

How To Uninstall Median XL completely

Various problems can arouse from installing median XL, some of which include the median launcher closing and reopening without starting the game when you hit play, after hitting play in the median XL launcher and the game starts up it only shows a white or black window and various other problems.

As of this point it is obvious that you have tried to uninstall median XL, a Diablo II mod and maybe it didn’t uninstall or maybe you even received strange error messages when trying to uninstall the median XL edition or maybe after uninstalling the median XL, you tried to install an updated version or other programs but it failed. This is a situation that is somewhat common, many computer users cannot uninstall this program completely for some reason, and this is mostly the cause of some of these problems. The reason why this file cannot completely uninstall is because some files and components of the program are left in the system, simply meaning that the program was not completely removed. These remaining files will stuff up computer memory and will cause slow running of the computer system as well as strange problems such as irregular pop-ups and error messages.

There are several ways to completely uninstall median XL and in today’s article, I will be working you through some if the various ways to completely remove these remaining files if you have tried uninstalling before without succeeding or you just want to remove the program and this is the first time you are trying to do this. Now let us get into it without further delay.


The windows add or remove program is a feature in Microsoft Windows which allows the user to uninstall and manage the software that is on the computer. This is a feature that was introduced in Windows 98 and was later renamed programs and features in windows vista and windows 7 and then it was later renamed to apps and features in Windows 10.

Now that we have gotten a little bit of the history out of the way let’s get down to it. There are various ways to open windows add or remove the program and delete the Median XL edition.

  • In Windows 10 click on the windows key and type apps and features or add or remove programs and click on enter.
  • After which you can select the program you wish to, which in our case is the median XL edition of Diablo II, or you can click on the start menu and run the control panel.
  • From there you can locate the median XL edition and click on remove to uninstall the program, follow the prompt form the uninstall wizard in order to successfully uninstall the program.

Don’t forget that this process I just mentioned is for windows 7. After doing this there is a possibility some leftovers of the median XL files will remain some of these leftovers include registry keys, this causes the median XL edition to keep appearing on your computer and occupying space. In order to get rid of them, open the installed directory of the median XL edition to check whether the installed folder still exists there, if it is still there proceed to remove the installed folder in order to remove all the files. After this open, the start menu go over to run and enter regedit to open the registry editor, clean all the registry keys which are associated with it in order to totally uninstall it.


Another way to remove the median XL edition is using the built-in uninstaller, most computer program comes with a built-in uninstaller which helps in the removal of the program. In order to do this simply follow these steps, I will also go in-depth on using the registry editor to remove extra registry field that causes annoying pop-ups and messages.

  • Firstly click on the start menu and move to all programs, from there you will find the median XL edition folder proceed to click on its uninstaller.
  • Follow the uninstall wizard steps in order to completely uninstall it. Or you can just go to the folder where the program is installed,
  • Proceed to locate the uninstaller which is sometimes named unins000.exe, after double click on it, and follow the wizard to uninstall completely.

Like I said before some registry files will be left, even if you use the built-in installer they will still be there. So to completely get rid of the median XL edition you will have to get rid of these remnants.

  • To totally get rid of them run the registry editor by clicking run and typing Regedit
  • After navigating through find and then proceed to delete all the files in the system folder C:\program files \, settings\All users\Application Data\, C:\Document, and settings\%USER%\Application Data.

After doing this all extra registry files will be removed and the annoying pop-ups will be removed.


If you have tried the above steps and it still doesn’t completely remove the median XL, using third-party software like advanced uninstaller pro, you can check online to download the software.

  • After the download, proceed to run the program, then click on the general tools button and then on the uninstall programs button.
  • After this, a list of the application and programs which are installed on your PC will be shown. Navigate through the list and look for the median XL launcher or you can just search for it by clicking on the search field and typing the name select the median XL launcher from the list of applications
  • Click on the uninstall button, after which a confrontation window will appear, click on uninstall to confirm the uninstall.
  • After the uninstall the program will ask you to run additional clean up click next and all additional files will be uninstalled.

When you use this program there will be no need to go and delete extra registry files, as the program does this for you already.

With that we have come to the end of yet another amazing article, make sure to check other posts and articles for more entertaining and informative content, thank you.

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