University of Ibadan to Begin E-learning

The University of Ibadan, through its website, made a release on the commencement of a Learning Resource for the 2019/2020 Fresh Undergraduate Students. Read that Here.

Here’s the Official Statement

I am sure you are eager to start your studies at the University of Ibadan, the first and best University in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic has introduced so many uncertainties into our lives, including when will the school be back in session.

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University of Ibadan to Begin E-learning
University of Ibadan – Photo Source:

While we wait for normalcy to return to our world, and for the much-awaited school session to commence, you may find the following resources useful as you prepare for the years of learning ahead.

These resources will be regularly updated; hence you are encouraged to check back from time to time for new features.
To access available resources, kindly click on any of the categories below.

Please note that the official channel communication to you from the University remains the main University website ( or through the University’s admissions or student portal.

Beware of other sites and messages not originating from these sources or any of the University’s official email address: In addition, always double-check to confirm the veracity of any information purported to be from the University of Ibadan.

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· Resources here are not necessarily actual lecture notes.
· Assessments do not in any way count towards your grades. They are just for practice.

– Is this E-learning Resource Platform a means for teaching us already before resumption? Are you going to continue from where we stop online when we resume?
No. From the Statement on this release, the Resources available are not necessarily actual Lecture notes. It is also a preparative class against what you will be exposed to in School.

– When are we going to start?

This depends on the University. Your duty is to login constantly to check.

– Are we making any Payments for this E-learning Resource Platform?
No. It wasn’t stated by the University. Stay clear from Fraudsters!

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– Is it going to include Other Undergraduates at higher levels?
No. It wasn’t stated. They may come up with something too for other students, but this current resource platform is for the Newly Admitted Students.

– Is attendance/Participation Compulsory?
It wasn’t stated. This is a way to keep you busy and intellectually fit before proper resumption. Since it’s coming from the University which you’re a Student of, it’s advised to Participate.

– My department wasn’t included. How do I go about that?
Here, two things are involved. The University may still update the resource platform to include other departments. Then you’ll have to check if you’re taking courses from the stipulated faculties stated.

If you were admitted to the Faculty of Agriculture, as a fresh Student, you won’t be taking more courses or any course from your faculty until you proceed to 200 l.

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So you will do more of Faculty of Science Courses. So you should check the courses for Science instead of looking for Agriculture or panicking.
If you’re in the College of Medicine, you will majorly do Faculty of Science Courses too.

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