What Couple Should Know About Sex


Sex- What’s Should Couple Know About It?

Many are really worried about their spouse’s response when they need sex from their mates.

One husband said: “Anytime I demand sex from my wife, she is always saying I am tired and besides am not in the mood.” Another said: ” We have 5 children already, please let me be.”


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What Couple Should Know About Sex
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Another married woman said to her husband: “I don’t just like it.” A wife said: “My husband never gives me attention.” Another said: “My husband always complains of being tired of returning from work.”

Many marriages have broken simply because of a lack of sex in the marriage. Worldwide it has always been a recurring problem in the marriage.


In this article, we will consider what men and women should know about sex, and the emotional makeup of both man and woman, and the importance of sex in the marriage.

Differences between Men and Women.

What should be recognized is there are fundamental differences between a man and a woman that no amount of talk will change that.

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Does this make women inferior? Is a well-proportioned woman’s body, “inferior” to a well-proportioned male’s body? Is it of less value, or less useful?

Basically, women are unique in their own way. They undergo each month physical cycles such as menstruation. Later in life, menopause occurs. Their body strength and structure differ from men.

Other Differences.

It should not surprise us there are psychological, or emotional differences between men and women because of their (DNA) genetic codes

Therefore, the genetic code arbitrates more than the physical beautiful characteristics that ultimately make the two sex completely different from each other. That accounts for the different emotional factors that make them react completely differently.

No wonder, women are more tendered than men. Women are more inclined to be considerate, affectionate, sociable, and sensitive.

The point is, a wife’s moods, affected by her cycles, may sometimes puzzle a husband, and maybe the wife too. But, he can cement the mutual happiness by trying to fathom her moods and treat her like “an egg,” with complete honor. Mostly, what she needs most is to cherish her tenderly while he communicates with her in a loving manner.

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Why Is Sex Important In Marriage?

It pumps the blood, helps in circulation.
It is a form of light exercise
It can solve disputes
It forges unity
It lubricates the union
It fosters marriage.
It improves heart health,
It soothes headaches and improves mood.
It encourages communication
It stimulates trust for each other.
It improves memory!

Advice for both men and women

Learn to communicate always. Lack of communication strains the marriage, thus affecting the sex life. One social scientist observed: “Most married couples don’t listen to each other, and many get into fights as a result.” We are bound to have irritations, frustrations, and disappointments in life.

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Don’t allow that affect your sex life. Good communication helps. Use sex as a weapon to solve your problems as soon as possible.

In addition, for making the provision to make babies, and God formed the sexual organs in a beautiful way that permits a married couple to willingly express their love and affection for each other in a mutually pleasurable manner.
Such intense shared moments (Love Play) can fill the emotional and physical needs of a man and woman who are deeply in love as a married couple.

Husbands, give your undivided attention to your spouse. Be happy with the wife of your youth…. Be greedy for her love constantly. Evidently, God purposed that sexual relations between a man, and his wife should contribute toward a warm
and lasting bond. Children resulting from such a union would have a good start in life. Show her love, care, and attention.

Focus on her alone. Let her breast intoxicate you only. Be considerate. If she said she is exhausted, try to understand. Extramarital affairs are not the best way of life. Drink from your own cistern. Your entire body belongs to your wife. Be responsible.

Wives, do not use sex as a weapon to punish your spouse simply because he is not disposed at the moment to get you what you need.

Be patient to him. True, you are the backbone of the house, you perform all the chores at home, however, if your husband needs sex, don’t hesitate especially if you know you aren’t tired.

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Don’t pretend. View sex as an opportunity to display your undying love for him. “Every day I am tired” is not superb. Don’t push him to the wall.

Any of you can be the giver. Always be the giver. Sex gives and takes. Let it blossom your marriage. Allow it to be a trademark in your marriage!

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