What is Your Opinion About the Lockdown?


“Lockdown in Nigeria is the Best Thing that has Ever Happened – Nigerian Lady Confessed”

I know you will be surprised to hear someone say that this lockdown is the best thing that has happened to him/her this year. The country has been on shut down for about a month now.

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What is Your Opinion About the Lockdown?
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This is as a result of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) ravaging Nigeria and the world at large. Since it was recorded that an Italian man who happens to be a carrier came to Nigeria on 27th February, the outbreak of the virus started increasing with Lagos recording the highest number of persons infected with the virus. At first, everyone was afraid and scared because of the way this COVID-19 kills infected persons.

But then the fear and tension increased as the order was given by the President of the country his Excellency Muhammadu Buhari to shut down Lagos state, Ogun state, and FCT Abuja.

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Due to this directive, other governors followed suit and joined in the shut down as a way to curb the spread of this deadly virus. Churches, mosques, clubs, markets, and every other place that involves large gatherings were shut down totally.

In the beginning, people didn’t find it funny as many Nigerians who feed their families from the daily income they earn lamented bitterly. In fact, everyone has been affected either directly or indirectly because the movement has been restricted in the country too.

Businesses and the economy have been put on hold due to this pandemic. Nobody liked it in the first place even me too but then I have been utilizing this opportunity of lockdown to learn and unlearn things I didn’t know before.

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, the difference is how u utilize the opportunity u get at any slightest time. If we keep on lamenting about this lockdown then it will deprive us of many things

Firstly, I thought of what to do with my time but I couldn’t think of anything meaningful. All I do is sleep, wake up, eat, watch movies, sleep again, eat, and continue resting.

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Sometimes I engage in some domestic chores. After some days I was watching a movie on YouTube with my laptop and then I saw other suggestion videos on how to bake a chocolate cake.

Initially, I wasn’t interested but when I looked again I decided to click on the video and see what’s on it. The video caught my attention and I decided to click on other videos on how to ice, make chin meat pie, fish roll, and all that. I got a note and decided to write all those things down.

To my greatest surprise, I was able to learn a lot of things I couldn’t imagine with 2 weeks and I’m still learning more on the YouTube channel.

Now I can boost a lot of things that I have learned through YouTube which I didn’t know initially. My birthday was on Saturday and I baked my birthday cake myself and it really came out nice and tasty. I didn’t stop there, I also learned how to make up as a beginner, I downloaded a lot of videos on make-up.

I didn’t stop there, I also downloaded other videos on how to create new ideas from old objects instead of disposing them in the trash or getting new ones from the market and also how to make out other objects from an already existing one.

For instance, how to use a torn jean trousers to make jean skirts. Also how to use jean trousers to form phone packs, bags, and shoes.

How to use carton to make a small cabinet that u put small face towels, undies and pieces of jewelry, and other small female items.

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I also learned how to use cartoons to make a bag for shoes and as well as how to doctorate rooms with simple items that one never thought of before. In fact, I can’t mention everything I have learn on YouTube for a period of 2weeks.

Instead of complaining, I made good use of the opportunity at hand. I want to urge everyone especially the ladies to utilize this opportunity and learn something for future use.

You never can tell, this might be the opportunity u have to learn something, a craft that will pay u in the future. Now that I know how to bake and ice cake I can’t pay someone to bake for me or my family again.

Learn something that might put food on your table. Before now I already know how to make shampoo, liquid soap, perfume, antiseptic, and hair cream but it didn’t stop me from learning other things because I don’t know which will help me in life tomorrow.

This lockdown did me a great favour, I don’t know about u but u can still learn something today, it is not yet late because learning they say, never ends. Do you agree?

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