What We Get in Ramadan is Strength


“WHAT WE GET in Ramadan is strength, self-control, and discipline, the power to resist what we find the most irresistible of our deepest urges.

It’s a period of learning to feed ourselves with that which protects us from living like lowly animals driven by desires only.

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What We Get in Ramadan is Strength
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We all know what we feel, of hunger and thirst, and of tension and need for release, and how urgent the feelings become as time increases in length toward the break hour.

But we still hold ourselves and refuse to react positively —by not yielding to the desire even though no one could stop us if so we wish.

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This is how we directly feel Allah SWT in our lives. We believe that if not that He asked us to do this, we wouldn’t have done it.

And if not that He’s aware of us and wherever we could take ourselves, we will likely have given ourselves what we want to feel relieved.

But we don’t do this, because we believe it’s by being so obedient we attain Allah’s pleasure which subsequently enriches our lives with spiritual equanimity and fills our hearts with the warmth of submission to Allah SWT.

With Sawm, our body and its sensual desires come under high-level scrutiny, and we keep them at bay. The material and the physical yearnings then are put under control, waiting for our command to move.

We’re no more driven by their blind, primitive urgency. On the other hand, the soul that makes part of our spirit is fed with energy that gives us the superhuman abilities in how to lead our lives in the direction of Allah SWT.

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This is where the secret of our Sawm lies, and how its goal is achieved, which is to free us from ourselves and connect us with Allah SWT more.

Ramadan is a time of peace, sacrifice, and devotion to Allah SWT. We learn to immerse ourselves in Quranic reading or listening, and Salat and Azkar assume a part in our daily life.

We share in charity what we have with those in need, a sacrifice that brings us into a fraternity of love, affection, and compassion.

We prefer staying with Allah SWT and what pleases Him to whatever that might constitute a distraction in our focus on this journey of ours towards Him. We do all this not for any purpose but to get Allah’s mercy, grace, and care.

Our fasting generates a deep feeling of peace in us, and a higher sense of Divine Presence in our lives, that collectively re-establishes our connection with Allah SWT.

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What we get in Ramadan, from Sawm to Salat, Tilawatul Quran to Azkar, Sadaqa, and Infaaq, is what we need to stay more alive and spiritually aware of Him in all our affairs — and this is what we need to feel the Divine Bliss in our lives, here and the hereafter”

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