Why am I Being Paid Low for my Skill?


Actually, the real question should be, what can I do to earn more?
We might argue that the questions are the same, but in actual sense, they are not.

How? Because “why am I being paid lower?” will take you time to answer, but “what can I do to earn more?” would give you many options as the answer.

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Why am I Being Paid Low for my Skill?
Why am I Being Paid Low for my Skill? – Photo Source:

And also, asking the question “what can I do to earn more?” is directly seeking a solution to a problem you know you already have, which is, Low Payment.

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Take note of this, the money you were paid, was determined by you, and it would continually be determined by you.


See, the truth is, the money we are paid, by a company for the work we do, is determined by the value the company places on that service rendered.

And what determines the value placed on the service we render, is how much money that service makes for the company, how much money that service saved for the them as well.

Although there might be other factors, this one is very important. So if you are planning to ask for more pay, first of all, increase your worth and you would not need to ask for more pay, rather it would be given to you on a platter of gold, no questions asked.

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So, during this isolation period, up your skill, go online, get professional certification. Whatever area of specialty you might be or may want to go into, improve on yourself, take online courses.

You download this app called “Coursera” from the play store. There are numerous courses in it, Business, IT(AI, APP Dev, etc), Management, etc. And you would actually be issued a certificate

You can also download the app “Bamboo”, this one enables you to trade in the US Stock Market, stocks of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Virgin Galactic Holdings, Tencent, Apple, etc can be bought via this app

Or you can play with Whiteboard Animation, creating different Whiteboard Animation videos, who knows, you could start doing such for businesses/brands who would pay you handsomely for your service.

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There is something about Whiteboard Animation, it keeps your customers glued to what you are selling to them and creates a permanent memory of your products in their minds that it is difficulty for them to erase.

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