Your Creation, Your Beginning


“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.”
“And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

“And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth days.”

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Your Creation, Your Beginning
Your Creation, Your Beginning – Photo Source:

The beginning of any man is his creation, God has always been said to be of no beginning nor end but He deliberately created a starting point so you may know that life will remain empty until your own mark is found in the sand of time.

No matter what you do, regardless of how big you eventually turn out, until creation is attached to your name, life has not started.

If all the things that give you fulfillment right now are the brain works of other beings, you’re living below the standard set by God in the beginning, your own beginning.


I heard you, What’s he talking about? ‘all of us cannot be creators, some will create some will use’, listen, God is not partial, that silent voice is in every man only that few mortals eventually give it a chance per time, millions of ideas run in your spirit every day but many of us have conditioned our minds to fight them using our present circumstances and limitations as the weapons.

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Starting Facebook Cathedral was a battle, hey this boy you’ve started your madness again, who will read the messages, will they even make sense, theologians, professors, oversabis, etc will so tear you into pieces bla bla bla, but glory be to God, the will become stronger and here the Cathedral opened. Will anybody stops by to read our Sunday messages, I don’t know and truly it does not matter, what’s most important is there’s yet another beginning, God’s beginning did not start making sense immediately.

The things that are saying you cannot and you should not, are nothing but False Expectations Appearing Real (FEAR). The moment you pick an idea and you want to start pushing it, all inclement circumstances become so real just so that the beginning is silenced, not anymore, there’s a rumbling in the spiritual realm, be careful to find your place this season.

This year, you will radically fight silencers of your beginning, get up, dust your butt, give life a chance, create your own beginning.

Start the first line of the book you’ve always wanted to write, make the movie, sing the song, go register the NGO, form the company, just do it, anything at all that will add to humanity, anything at all that will make the world a better place, anything at all that will make you always look forward to the breaking of another day, begin today, Start Living.

Your WHYs are many but they are mere excuses:
I DON’T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO START WITH – God didn’t have anything either, the earth was without form, everywhere was blank, nothing was working but He still went ahead to create. You have everything once you have the One who dropped the idea in you, He trusts you, He knows you can make it happen for Him, He’s only waiting for you to start as He did, then you’ll realize that the ProVISION has long ago been made for the VISION.

Start living. God’s spirit moved upon the waters, even though darkness pervaded the land, He kept seeing the 8billion people we are today. Let your spirit move, set yourself free, see beyond the ordinary, and get cracking.

I DON’T HAVE ANYBODY, PEOPLE DON’T EVEN LIKE ME, IF I START BEATING THE DRUM WHO WILL DANCE TO IT – God had only Himself, that excuse is too pedestrian. Listen, you are not created to be liked by anybody, you’re created to make an impact.

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They didn’t like Jesus, they were following Him because of what they were getting from Him that’s why immediately He went on that cross, everybody disappeared, not one homo sapien was found with Him.

You don’t need the clap, you don’t need the acceptance, you don’t need the endorsement, pick one of the tiny voices today, get excited about life, imagine billions of people who will smile someday because of that idea and start, the NONsense will make SENSE down the road only if you dare to start at all.

I’VE GOT MY FINGERS BURNT SEVERALLY, I’M NOT SURE I’M CREATED TO CREATE ANYTHING SUCCESSFULLY – Kai, God has the capacity to see the end from the beginning but He deliberately refused to get it right at once, so you will know failure is part of life.

He created Adam and Eve they both turned out to be a bad investment, He got fed up, pulled everything down, attempted to start all over again with Noah, that business became even worse, in not giving up, He brought Jesus to come to remedy the situation, it was a fatal crash, does it look like He has given up? nah, He’s still investing in you every day regardless of how you pay Him back.

How many times have you failed in life that you’re thinking you’re done, you’ve not even started, this year, you will go back, you will pick up all the old dreams, cold flames, you will fire the shot again, if you still don’t get it right, you will try again, until your creation becomes a nation, you’re not permitted to hang your boot.

God sees what no man can see, He knows you just wanted to help, so don’t worry about the mess you found yourself in, as long as your intentions are genuine and your conscience clear, you will get out of the troubles and afflictions no matter how many they are and He will protect all your bones, none of them will be broken, it’s a matter of time.

Those who will laugh at your failures, mistakes, dumbness, etc are created to do nothing else but to laugh, that is their own beginning, face yours. The God of the second chance will visit you this second day of the second month of the new decade.

MY JOB IS DEMANDING, I DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR MYSELF – You spend your productive age doing 9 to 5 or 5 to 9 if you live in Lagos, Nigeria, hear this, your salary is a monthly seed, not a monthly fruit, stop consuming everything as received, put your name on something.

Sow a portion of that income on a dream every month. They call you a permanent secretary, they’re deceiving you, nothing is permanent, ask them where is the man they called permanent yesterday. Please don’t wait till you leave the job before you start living.

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The fat Salary you collect should not be too strong as to buy off your creation, remember only two things can happen to you in that job, it’s either you leave it or it leaves you, one will surely happen someday when it does, will freedom become a pleasure or a burden?

Your creations, apart from blessing humanity, will be your resting crest in the days cockroach will no longer have legs to dance. Work for them diligently and faithfully but make a new commitment to also work on your personal dreams at least one hour in a day.

Don’t ever drag anything with anybody, the moment they begin to hate your face, your presence begins to irritate them, quietly pack your bag and disappear, there are many places in the world where your face is all they need to be happy. Move and Discover.

I’M DOING TOO MUCH ALREADY – No, you’re not. You must die empty, everything deposited in the inside of you must be fully used here on earth, none of it will be needed in heaven anyway. There are more mountains to climb, more oceans to swim, more lives to touch.

Stretch yourself, refuse to be caged, if you sense you have it, go out there and make it show, give those your friends and foes who were created to count what others do, more jobs of counting yet another one for you. Animate your world, Start Living.

Friend, stop jumping from job to job, stay in one and find your true beginning, what you’re looking for is not in the pay rise but what can fill the void in your spirit, catch one and you will be happy for the rest of your life.

When you find it you will know, it makes you sleep less, it sparks up your life, it’s what you want to do whether it’s bringing money or not, it makes you care less about onlookers, it makes you work more, it makes you dance kokoma without sound.

From the time God pronounced the beginning, He began to work daily with so much excitement until everything He imagined became real and He Himself declared that THEY ARE GOOD.

Your dreams will see the light of the day, pull the trigger once more. Only those who solve problems make money truly live, what one problem are you solving in life today?

Your community has failed to enjoy electricity over the years simply because too many residents have not had a beginning. Housing has continued to be a perennial problem just because those whose beginning is that, have refused to say yes.

Poverty still pervades the land around you mainly because created poverty fighters have not realized what their beginning is.

Too many jobless people on your street due to your inability to set your own beginning. Imagine nobody agreed to start that company, that organization or government office where you work today, just imagine where you’ll likely be. Your Joy, your Comfort, your Fulfillment starts with your beginning. START LIVING, so that many others may live.

No matter how old you are, please take a moment to examine your life today, are you truly happy with your existence?

Can you say in all honesty that God’s vast resources in you have been fully and profitably utilized? Are there ideas you wish you had given a little push in the past?

Where have you buried the better part of your life? What actually takes you to bed at night and wakes you up in the morning?

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Hear me, no matter how far you have traveled in the wrong direction unless you turn back, it will remain the wrong direction.

New things can begin to happen in your life from today, uncommon joy can envelop you right away if only you will wake up as God did, stretch yourself, and announce your own beginning.

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