Becoming a Programmer Without Being A Computer Science Student


Becoming a Programmer Without Being A Computer Science Student is discussed in this article and we believe you’ll have more enough to learn.

I’ll be taking you all on the programming journey. Well many today think they won’t become a better programmer or developer without having passed through the computer science field. Well, this article will help us see if really you’ll need to pass through computer science to become a developer.

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Becoming a Programmer Without Being A Computer Science Student
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Before I get started, I am Alvin Uchenna full-stack JavaScript developer and you can ask me questions after this article by dropping a comment or reaching me via Twitter @

Let’s roll…

Programming is the topic of the day and programmers are needed from day today. So let’s see what you’ll need to do to get started as a software developer or programmer.


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1. Find a mentor

The very first step you’ll need to do is to find a programming mentor. Even if you don’t have the means to talk to him, follow him up on several updates he gives and make a determination to be better than him. So that takes us to the next one (Determination)

2. Be determined

It doesn’t stop in having a mentor but determination follows. Be determined and set a goal for yourself.

3. Go for meetups

I find meetups as a way to boost my morale because meetups will expose you to so many people in the tech field. You’d come to see people like you, friendly, and are ready to give you a hand in programming.

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4. Start learning

Procrastinate your procrastination. That’s my favourite saying. Start learning what you want to learn without waiting for anyone. Series of tutorials are on YouTube, udemy, and much more.

5. Ask questions

No man knows all likewise myself, I make use of StackOverflow, and Google to get solutions to my problems. I ask my fellow programmers most times on ways I can approach or tackle a problem and I get an aid. Don’t be shy to ask questions, ask a lot of questions because you’ll learn a lot from asking questions.

Why not give these 5 points a try and see how it goes. You can have your cert in other fields and still progress massively as a programmer. Do well and don’t forget to procrastinate your procrastination.

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I still remain Alvin Uchenna and I’ll be giving you programming tips on this site as long as we keep living.

Thank you for reading through.

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