50 Best American Universities For International Relations


In this article, we present a ranking of 50 best American Universities for International Relations. When it comes to the study of International Relations, I do not believe there are too many countries currently that can rival American Universities. Everywhere around the world, once mention is made about International Relations, the United States of America becomes the first pot of call.

The reason for this may not be far fetched. It is either because of the role the United States has been playing in International Politics and International organizations, which dominantly influenced the behavior and Foreign Policy of other nations.

Therefore, when the citizens of those countries intend to go for studies in International Relations, they have no other choice but American universities to actualize their dreams. The trend is even on steady increase because of the leadership role the U. S. is also playing in global education. As a prove to this fact, American universities have consistently dominated the rankings of overall best global educational institutions in all areas.


Meanwhile, no other site is more credible in compiling a ranking for the 50 best American universities and colleges for International Relations than Foreign Policy is a website that specializes in matters of International Relations, International Organizations, International Politics and International Trade, among other issues that border on the relations among nations.

That is the reason why we use Foreign Policy ranking as the basis for arriving at our own list. However, to have used only Foreign Policy ranking to compile our list would have been haphazard, hence we relied on other sites like to arrive at our list of 50 best American universities and colleges for International Relations.

50 Best American Universities For International Relations


Therefore, our ranking depended largely on the ranking compiled by However, we also considered the ranking of other reputable sites for 50 best American universities for International Relations like and, especially when there is outright discrepancy between the two model ranking sites. based their ranking on the following criteria:

·         Scholars opinion, especially from a survey conducted by Ivory Tower in collaboration with Foreign Policy

·         Which university is effectively nurturing future generations of Thinkers and policy makers?

It is also worthy of note that Washington D.C. with its role for hosting top political and International organizations in the world has a great influence on the study of International Relations, hence most of the top notch universities that offer International Relations courses are concentrated at the United States of America capital. As it is our general principle, consideration for the standards that qualify an institution to get a ranking in the list is dependent upon their specific performance and reputation in the field of International Relations. This implies that an institution might appear on our list of 50 best American universities for International Relations, but disappear completely on the ranking for overall best universities globally.

Why the United States of America for the Study of International Relations

This question had been partly answered in the beginning of this article. However, in addition, aside from being the world power, the United States remain the leader in other fields of human endeavors especially education. Because of the priority that nations and parents place on education, they always seek the best for their citizens and wards. That fact may be far from the reason why so many individual seeking international admissions chose the U.S. more so, American universities are on top of their jobs to offer students the best experience they may have in and outside the classroom. The quality of Academics, conducive study environment, excellent facilities and the possibility of getting access to aids and funding is an added advantage.

Methodology for Our Ranking

The methodology we use for arriving at this ranking is a painstaking analysis, comparison and contrasting of data made available by Foreign Policy and Top Universities in their rankings. Where there are differences in the ranking between these two sites, we look up other reputable sites like and obtain data for reconciliation. There we arrive at our own list of 50 best American universities for International Relations. Once an institution appears on both lists on a similar position, they remain there on our list. But if there is any different in standing up to the range of 1:3, we compare it with other site’s ranking, any of the previous two that matches the supporting site takes the position, but if it happens otherwise, Foreign Policy’s ranking maintains the position. Check out our ranking below:

 50 Best American Universities for International Relations.

1.       Harvard University, Cambridge

2.       Princeton University, New Jersey

3.       Georgetown University

4.       Columbia university, New York

5.       Yale university, New Haven

6.       University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

7.       University of California, Berkeley

8.       George Washington university, Washington

9.       American University – Washington, D.C.

10.   University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

11.   University of California, San Diego

12.   University of California, Los Angeles

13.   Cornell university, Ithaca, New York

14.   Stanford university – Stanford, California

15.   John Hopkins university, Baltimore

16.   Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, Massachusetts

17.   University of New York, New York

18.   Tuft university

19.   Brown university

20.   College of William &Mary

21.   Mcgrills university

22.   Duke university, durham

23.   Swarthemore college

24.   Durham university

25.   Indiana university, Bloomington

26.   Ohio State University, Columbus

27.   University of Virginia

28.   Northwestern university, Evanston

29.   The university of Auckland

30.   University of Notre Dame

31.   University of Ottawa

32.   University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

33.   University of Texas at Austin

34.   University of Washington, ,Seattle Washington D.C.

35.   University of Wisconsin, Madison

36.   Boston university, Boston

37.   University of California, Irvine

38.   University of Maryland, Baltimore

39.   University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

40.   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

41.   University of Southern California

42.   University of California, Davis

43.   George Mason University

44.   Pennsylvania State University, University Park

45.   University of Colorado, Boulder

46.   University of Illinois, Urbana Campaign

47.   University of Massachusetts

48.   Florida State university

49.   Northeastern university

50.   University of Georgia, Athens.

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The above list represents our ranking of 50 best American Universities for International Relations. Anywhere you chose to study in the United States of America surely has at least one or two or even more universities that can meet your academic needs. The results of these ranking American universities in various fields including International Relations can attest to their reputations. Therefore, look up the list, make your choice, come over and enjoy your studies in the United States.

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