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In the university system today, many students often have issues with GST courses because it is a course that is offered by almost all the students of the institution for the first and second years. Gst has kept many students in school longer than necessary because they could not pass the course. Also, due to how broad the GST courses are and the fact that they are sometimes segmented, many students find it difficult to cover the syllabus when preparing for the exams.

Some students read aspects of the course that would not occur in the exams and end failing the course. But if you have the GST 107 past question, you know what to read in addition to other study materials, your good grade is guaranteed. Therefore we urge you to get the GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format. We will try to explain what the past question is all about, how it is patterned and we will also give some GST 107 past question samples to show the authenticity of what we are saying. Pounds to Naira

What is GST 107 Past Questions in PDF

Let us begin by explaining what this past question and answer is all about. GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format is the compilation of all the questions that have been given students to answer during GST 107 Exams and the past question is presented in a portable document file(PDF) form.


We have made it very simple, portable, and affordable such that every student can get it or download it as long as they have access to the smartphone. GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format

Students who got this past question from us have been giving testimonies of how it helped them. We are very sure it is going to help you as well. When you get this past question it will definitely help you to score higher than your competitors and give you an edge over them. Pounds to Naira

With the proper use of our original GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format, you will definitely pass the examination and come out successfully. This past question comes to you through your email address or Whatsapp once you make payments to purchase it. The downloadable format is going to be in softcopy, you can either choose to download it and read with your android phone or laptop and at your own convenience – wherever and whenever. Jamb Result

How is GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format Patterned


Normally, the GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format is in a multiple-choice question pattern. there is also We have made it very easy for you. we bring all the questions for many years and put them together but we indicate the specific years of their occurrence. We provide the correct answers in order to save your time. All you need to do is to devote quality time to study the GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format and watch yourself do better in the exam. Waec Result

Why You Need A Copy of GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Download

There are several reasons why you will need to download/get this past question. But for the purpose of clarity, we will explain a few. You need this past question for the following reasons;

It will also expose you to the questions that have been asked years back as most of those questions and answers get repeated every year while some will just be rephrased. So if you don’t have a copy of this past question, then you are losing out.

  1. It, however, provides useful information about the types of questions to expect and helps you prevent unpleasant surprises.
  2. You will be able to detect and answer repeated questions quickly and easily.
  3. You will be able to find out the number of questions you will see in the exams.

GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format Sample

In other to know that we are giving out the original GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format, we have decided to give you some free samples as proof of what we said earlier. Jamb Result

GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Sample

In other to know that we are giving out the original GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format, we have decided to give you some free samples as proof of what we said earlier. Jamb Result


1. Writing outlines to guide you in answering your question is usually a feature
associated with ______examination
2. Listening, note taking, writing and reading are generally called_____skills
3. ________is the theft of intellectual property and also an infringement of
copyright laws.
4. An online conference is essentially a string of _____________
5. The opposite of impulsive learning is ______ learning
6. The diagram of experiential learning cycle adapted for study skills was
designed by _________________
7. Confusing information with knowledge by collecting irrelevant information
from websites is described in The Good Study Guide as ________
8. Two of the basic challenges of listening we encounter are ____ and ____
9. ________ Is a term referring to sessions involving a tutor and a group of
10. A person who can find, organize and use information is described as
11. You need to create a study __________________ for effective time
12. After creating a new document, you label and ______it
13. Organizing knowledge into categories within other categories is called_____
14. The skills and knowledge required to read numbers used in a particular field
of discourse is called ____
15. The entire set of people in a particular group from which one can collect
data is called ______in statistics
16. Making sketched notes or detailed notes according to circumstances and
need is termed _____
17. To write good essays, aim for a clear, direct, unfussy style and ____
18. When making notes you use grouping, nesting and_____ to recall what you
19. Interactive videos and online tutorials are examples of _______
20. You use underlining and ______to remind you of points in a text

1. essay
2. study
3. plagiarism
4. get it on tma
5. Controlled
6. Get it on tma
7. Beachcombing
8. get it on tma
9. .
10. .
11. .
13. Save
14. Nesting
15. .
16. Population
17. Flexibility
18. .
19. Mnemonic
20. eLearning
21. highlighting

1. Learning in group enables you develop your listening _____and speaking
2. One way to tackle the challenge of unfamiliar words is to use ______
3. An example of the misuse of online information mostly perpetuated by
students is _____
4. ODL means ______
5. ODE means ______
6. Kolbe’s learning cycle consists of conceptualizing, planning, doing and
7. Doing, planning, ___ and ___ are the four key processes of Kolb’s reflective
learning cycle
8. Learning can be practical or ______
9. Debates and ______are features of an academic writing
10.The author of The Good Study Guide is _______
11.Identify the ‘process’ word in the essay title “Demolition is not the answer to
collapsed buildings in Lagos. Discuss”
12.One important but subtle difference between reading for higher level study
and everyday reading is _______
13.The use of specialist language is part of the process of creating knowledge
because ________
14.The term “thinking on paper’ or ‘thinking on screen” can be used
interchangeably with _____
15.Abbreviations, are used during lectures to help ________
16.The art/skill of _________ should be a satisfying process of engaging with a
topic and creating meaning for one’s self.
17._______ skills, help you to engage purposefully and creatively with the
many challenges of learning
18.Studying with full concentration and deep thought expands your mind
because ____________
19.For effective and successful study, a student should acquire the skill of
20.The initial steps to take in managing study time are to estimate time
required for each course and ______

1. thinking
2. a dictionary
3. .
4. Open and Distance Learning
5. Open and distance education
6. Reflecting
7. .
8. Abstract
9. Arguments
11. Discuss
12. Purpose
13. It aids the development of new ideas
14. Note making
15. Shorten the notes you take
16. Note making
17. Note making
18. It enables participation in new realms of ideas
19. Concentration
20. Take out adequate study time from your typical week

1. The two types of dictionary available for use by an Open and Distance
Learner are ______
2. The various ways of making notes are all dependent on _______
3. Because reading for study purposes is a demanding activity, you will learn
best if you _______
4. The most obvious differences between reading for higher level study and
everyday reading are in the _______
5. Group discussions enable you to ________ your ideas
6. Preparing for examinations requires ________ reading of your course
7. A serialist approach to studying will be ______
8. A key factor that improves speed in reading and understanding is _______

1. Printed and online dictionary
2. Your text and reasons for studying it.
3. Make determined effort to understand the main arguments
4. Quantity and Difficulty
5. Share
6. Deep
7. Systematically
8. Looking out for key words

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7 Tips to Prepare for GST 107 Exams

  1. Don’t make reading your hobby: A lot of people put reading as a hobby in their CV, they might be right because they have finished schooling. But “You” are still schooling, so reading should be in top priority and not as a hobby. Read far and wide to enhance your level of aptitude
  2. Get Exams Preparation Materials: These involve textbooks, dictionaries, GST 107 Past Questions in PDF Format, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastering of the scope of the exams you are expecting.
  3. Attend Extramural Classes: Register and attend extramural classes at your location. This class will not only help you refresh your memory but will boast your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.
  4. Sleep when you feel like: When you are preparing for any exams, sleeping is very important because it helps in the consolidation of memory. Caution: Only sleep when you feel like it and don’t oversleep.
  5. Make sure you are healthy: Sickness can cause excessive feelings of tiredness and fatigue and will not allow you to concentrate on reading. If you are feeling as if you are not well, report to your parent, a nurse or a doctor. Make sure you are well. Waec Result
  6. Eat when you feel like: During the exam preparation period, you are advised not to overeat, so as to avoid sleep. You need to eat little and light food whenever you feel like eating. Eat more of fruits, drink milk and glucose. This will help you to enhance retention. Npower Recruitment
  7. Reduce your time in social media: Some people live their entire life on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messenger chat. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spent on social media during this time. Maybe after the exams, you can go back and sleep in it.

If you like these tips, consider sharing them with your friends and relatives. Do you have a question or comments? Put it on the comment form below. We will be pleased to hear from you and help you to score as high as possible.

We wish you good luck!

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