How To Study When You Don’t Want To

How To Study When You Don't Want To
How to Study When You Don’t Want to Picture, Photo Source;

How To Study When You Don’t Want To – Every student always has that time when they don’t feel like studying. They keep postponing reading time till the next hour or day. By the time examination kicks off, fear creeps in and hasty studying is always the result but unfortunately, all the free days had passed. So, how can you escape not wanting to study?

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Why should you study?

The benefits of education are a long list and being educated will always be of topmost priority in every society. Irrespective of your career choice, having a good education will always help you in different aspects of life. That is why you should always remind yourself of the importance of education and all the opportunities you will create for yourself and a good income. Starting from the short-term benefits like, getting good grades, being the best student, and making your parents proud, the privilege of getting admission into your dream college, being awarded a full scholarship and improving because the human brain greatly develops each time we study.

How To Study When You Don’t Want To
How To Study When You Don’t Want to Picture, Photo Source; Google

Tips to help you want to study

Some of the proven helpful tips to ignite your urge to study even when you don’t want to are:

1. Motivation

Even after knowing the benefit of studying, you might still not feel like it. Professors who have spent enough years building a strong zeal for books still have some bad days for books, days when there is zero motivation for books. So, you need to increase your motivation level by watching daily videos or listening to podcasts on why you should study. This motivation will bring new energy that will get you in the flow.

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2. Make a good list


Write down a good list of what you want to accomplish. For instance, to get good grades, to get a scholarship, remember, no reason is too small to be included. It may be hard to find interest in some courses you hate so much, remind yourself of the penalties of not studying and how your set goals won’t be accomplished.

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3. Get monitored

Get monitored by anyone who will check on you to ask about your study and always keep you on the right track to help you stay motivated when you don’t feel like it. It can be your parents, senior siblings, or anyone who will not be happy if you are not making progress. This will greatly improve your study habit.

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4. Create a Study Schedule

Have a habit of knowing what time you naturally feel like reading or create a schedule on what time to read and stay committed daily. If you love reading in the morning, spend enough time reading before preparing breakfast. This will get acquainted with you and in the long run, you will be amazed at what you have been able to cover.

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6. Exercise

Exercise can be brought in as this is a great way to improve concentration. Exercise strengthens nerves and increases the production of endorphins in your hormones. Setting out a few minutes for exercise so that when you sit to begin, it’ll be easier to focus and retain more information.

6. Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is of uttermost importance. Drink enough water and take healthy food like vegetables fruits and nuts, try to stay away from sugary food and snack as they will make you feel tired.

7. Remove distractions

Studying in a distracting area is a big no because you will get attracted to a lot of things and they will automatically pull your focus. Before you begin, clear your surroundings with whatever you won’t need while studying and have only the things necessary as you study. A place that is free from sound and sight will be the best place to study. If you need your phone then be sure to put it in airplane mode to avoid getting calls and notifications. If you live with family members, enjoy moments with them but let them be aware of your study plan.

Some people may prefer to listen to music and others may not because it is a distraction. Try and know what works best for you and focus on it.

8. Reward yourself

Have a fun reward; another fun thing to help you study is by rewarding yourself. It can be getting out to the cinema after exams or enjoying the beach with friends or travelling.

Creating a study plan like this will always make you want to study even if you don’t want to and it will help you become more responsible and with better routines.

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