Wall Toilet Suite Installation For A More Efficient Bathroom


Toilet suites are a great way to update the look of your home and can dramatically transform the look of a room, and even your whole bathroom! When deciding on what suite to purchase, you will first need to decide which style you want. There is a multitude of styles and designs available today, from contemporary and modern to traditional and antique. Choose from a range of flushing functions and rimless styles for your bathrooms and powder rooms. Whether you are searching for compact toilet suites or emergency and caring toilet suites, a specialist website will be able to assist you to choose the perfect unit at the perfect price.

Some toilet suites feature integrated cisterns, which can either be manual flush or digital. For those people who have children, a manual flush may not be a desirable option, as they may not wish to wait until they are old enough to use a toilet (one of the reasons many older people get fitted with fiber-glass cubicles is so that they can move about freely in the home without having to worry about using the facilities). Alternatively, there are digital flush/cistern options that allow the user to select the correct flush via a touch-pad on their computer.

If you are planning on fitting new toilets to your house, whether it be for a newly built home or an existing property, then you should take measurements of your bathroom wall before purchasing any products. Most companies will do this for free, although some might offer a reduced service charge if you order online. This is a great opportunity to make sure you buy the correct size of pan to fit your requirements. You will also need to consider whether you require wall faced toilet suites, or perhaps a floor to ceiling wall hung option.


There are two main categories of toilet suites – those which are ‘cured’ and those which are ‘discovered’. A ‘cured’ suite is a fixed enclosure that comprises a tank (and sometimes a seat) attached to the wall, which is then attached to the wall using a plastic tarp or some other type of fixing. The benefit of a ‘cured’ suite is that no extra plumbing is required. All the pipes and drainage channels are already present, and you do not have to carry out any modifications to your existing property. Unfortunately, this type of construction does not lend itself well to high water efficiency, and as a result, most homeowners choose to install concealed toilets.

Discovered toilets are toilets that are built up from pipes that have been discovered or have otherwise been discovered to be carrying plumbing pipes. These toilets are installed in new homes, usually attached to the existing plumbing system using a flexible hose or pipe. The problem with uncovered construction is that you run the risk of water damage to the rest of the property unless your property is waterproof. Also, the weight of uncovered pipes often poses a security hazard. For this reason, many homeowners choose to put toilet suites into place in newly constructed homes and then cover up the pipes. Underneath the suit, the pipes are simply cut to size, and the rest of the job is completed by the appropriate plumbing company.

Another option that has been growing in popularity is the addition of a connector toilet suite. Connector toilet suites feature a small hole (or two, if you prefer) in the lid of the basin, with two holes within the basin itself. This allows for a long flexible steel pipe to be fitted inside the base of the toilet. This flexible steel pipe is connected directly to a pair of PVC pipes at the bottom of the rimless suite. With the connector suite attached there is no need for the plumbing to be installed separately. You simply connect the two pieces of piping, and you can have your toilet suite connected and operating in no time.


As mentioned earlier, wall hung toilet suites are a great option for any homeowner who would like to save on space in their home. Although they are mounted on the wall they do not require any cutting or drilling. Therefore all you need to do is screw the two pieces of piping together and install the flexible plastic pipes inside the base of the bowl. These pipes are then connected to the wall hung pan via the fitting pipes. Once you have finished your project, all you need to do is remove the toilet to reveal the lovely new toilet bowl which is just as beautiful as it was when you started.

Installing wall toilet suites can be a daunting task, but with some professional guidance, it can be done easily and without causing any unsightly damage to your home. When choosing a wall toilet suite, you must take into account not only the toilet but the additional plumbing required to support the toilet as well. Many different toilet suites can be purchased. Whether you are looking for a gender-neutral suite or one that is specific to the user’s choice, it is important that the right plumbing is chosen. If plumbing is incorrectly fitted it can be very dangerous and cause a great deal of damage. It may even be necessary to have the pipes repaired so that the plumbing in question can be replaced altogether.

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