Charles Darwin University (CDU) Scholarships for International Student – 2020

At CDU, we provide exciting and interesting scholarships with the aim of supporting the international students who wish to attain their dream to study at the CDU from anywhere around the World.

CDU scholarships reward high grades students with outstanding academic results and those who contribute positively to the potential of making a strong positive impact on the world at large.

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Charles Darwin University (CDU) Scholarships for International Student - 2020
Charles Darwin University (CDU) Scholarships – Photo Source:

Scholarship details are as detailed below:

Scholarship program – VCIHAS 50% and 25% per year

Duration – Full degree
Application deadline – 15 November 2019

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Global Excellence
50% first-year then 10% subsequent years Full degree 15 November 2019

Global Leader
25% first-year then 10% subsequent years Full degree 15 November 2019

Global Achiever
15% for first-year 1-year Students cannot apply for this scholarship. CDU awards it to students based on their application to study at CDU.

Sydney 2020 Scholarship
Sydney offers a 25% per annual and Full degree Students cannot apply for this category of scholarship. CDU awards it to students based on their applications submitted to study at the CDU.


No online/offline application is required from prospective applicants. Applicants are automatically assessed based on information submitted during their application for any eligible undergraduates or postgraduates course of study degree located at any of the Sydney campuses.

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Award of Scholarship

The scholarship applies to any undergraduates or postgraduates course of study degree and in turn covers for 25% of the expected tuition fee for the full duration of the course in the Sydney Campus.

Information about the CDU scholarship

At CDU, we offer a wide range of scholarships to intending international students who met all eligibility requirements and selection criteria and are applying and willing to study in Semester 1 2020 at any of the CDU Sydney campuses.

Eligibility Criteria
?Applicant must apply to commence study in 2020 at our Sydney campus;
?Applicants must meet the University?s academic and English language entry requirements for their chosen course;
?Applicant must have a minimum overall score of 60% in their highest completed qualification;
?Applicant must be an international student on a student visa;

Selection Criteria

No application is required. Applicants are automatically assessed after submitting their application for an eligible undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree.

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The duration of the Scholarship is the minimum time in which the course can be completed or when one of the following is true:
?The maximum Scholarship value has been exhausted;
?You have completed your course;
?You no longer meet the ongoing eligibility of the scholarship.

Eligibility Procedures:

In order to maintain the scholarship, the beneficiary must meet all the under-mentioned criteria:

1? Maintained to be a Foreign student and entrusted for international student fees;

2? Make Payment for their own part of the prescribed tuition fees in full on or before the (first day of teaching) in each semester;

3? Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 4.0 for every given academic semester;

4? Must be a full-time enrolment with not less than 40 credit points (0.5 EFTSL) for each academic semester or possess approval for a reduction on their study load, or proceed on leave of absence for the given semester;

5? Applicant must Remain enrolled at our Sydney campus as an undergraduate or must be admitted on a postgraduate study of a given coursework course.

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Kindly Note:

Any Students who wish to transfer from a current Course to another CDU course will continue to be eligible once the above conditions are met.

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