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Jamb Mathematics Past Questions SAMPLE

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Note: The questions below are strictly for practice.

  1. 1.The expression ax^2 + bx takes the value 6 when x = 1 and 10 when x = 2. Find its values when x = 5
  2. 10
  3. 12 Jamb form 
  4. 6
  5. -10

ANSWER: A (10)

  1. The indefinite integral of xe^x, for any real constant is
  2. C
  3. x + e^x + C
  4. x^2 + e^x + C
  5. e^x(x-1) + C

ANSWER: D ( e^x(x-1) + C )

  1. A cone has a base radius of 4 cm and a height of 3 cm. The area of its curved surface is
  2. 12 pi cm^2
  3. 20 pi cm^2
  4. 24 pi cm^2
  5. 251 pi cm^2

ANSWER: B (20 pi cm^2)

  1. The sum of the first five terms 0f the series 4+2+1… is
  2. 12
  3. -12
  4. -6
  5. 31/4

ANSWER: D (31/4)

  1. If a√5 + b √2 is the square root of 95-30√10, the values of a and b are, respectively
  2. 5, 2
  3. 2, -5
  4. -5, 3
  5. 3, -5

ANSWER: D (3, -5)

  1. Factorise completely 8p + 125py^3
  2. (2p+5y^2)(4+25py)
  3. (2+5y)(4-10y+25y^2)
  4. (2p+5yx-10py+25y^2)
  5. (2+5y)(4+10y+25y^2)

ANSWER: B (2+5y)(4-10y+25y^2)

  1. Two fair dice are rolled. What is the probability that both show up the same number of point?
  2. 1/36
  3. 7/36
  4. 1/2
  5. 1/6

ANSWER: D (1/6)

  1. A bag contains 5 yellow balls, 6 green balls and 9 black balls. A ball is drawn from the bag. What is the probability that it is black or yellow ball
  2. 37/160
  3. 133/400
  4. C.7/10
  5. 133/800

ANSWER: C (7/10)

  1. If x = 1 is the root of the equation x^3 -2x^2- 5x +6, find the other roots
  2. -3 and 2
  3. 2 and 2Waec Result
  4. 3 and -2
  5. 1 and 3

ANSWER: C (3 and -2)

  1. If 27^x = 9^(x-y), then the formula connecting x and y is
  2. x+2y = 0
  3. x-2y = 0
  4. x^2+2y^2 = 0
  5. x+2y = 1

ANSWER: A ( x+2y = 0 )

  1. The expression px^3+2qx^2+24 has x-1 and x+2 as factors. The values of p and q are respectively?
  2. -6, -9
  3. -2, 1
  4. -2, -1
  5. 0, 1

ANSWER: A ( -6, -9 )

  1. The expression a^3+b^3 is equal to
  2. (a^2+b)(a-ab+b^2)
  3. (a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2)
  4. (a-b)(a^2-ab+b)
  5. (a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2)

ANSWER: B (a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2)

  1. The interior angles of a pentagon are: 180 degrees, 118 degrees, 78 degrees, 84 degrees, and x. The value of x is?
  2. 75 degrees
  3. 80 degrees
  4. 120 degrees
  5. 134 degrees

ANSWER: B (80 degrees)

  1. Find the value of k which makes the expression y^2+2(k+1)y+k+3 perfect square
  2. -1, 1
  3. B.2, -2
  4. 1, -2
  5. -1, 2 Npower Recruitment

ANSWER: C (-2 or 1)

  1. Two brothers, Peter and Paul owned a business in which the ratio of shares is 5:3 respectively. Paul later sold 1/3 of his shares to Peter 15, 000 naira. Find the total value of the business.
  2. 12000 naira
  3. 1200 naira
  4. 120000 naira
  5. 1200000000 naira

ANSWER: C (120,000 naira)

16 Express, correct to three significant figures, 0.003597.

  1. 0.359
  2. 0.004
  3. 0.00360
  4. 0.00359
  5. Evaluate:  (0.064)^-1/3
  6. 5/2
  7. 2/5
  8. -2/5
  9. -5/2
  10. Solve:  y+1/2 – 2y-1/3 = 4
  11. y = 19
  12. y = -19
  13. y = -29
  14. y = 29
  15. Musa borrows #10.00 at 2% per month interest and repays #8.00 after 4 months. However much does he still owe?
    A. #10.80
    B. #10.67
    C. #2.80
    C. #2.67
  16. If 3 gallons of spirit containing 20% water is added to 5gallons of another spirit containing 15% water, what percentage of the mixture is water?
    A. 24/5%
    B. 167/8%
    C. 181/8%
    D. 187/8%

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