10 Signs He Is Not Ripe For Marriage

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Most people believe in a happily ever after kind of relationship. It doesn’t always occur. This could stem from various reasons within our control and one is the worthiness of the male counterpart.

There may be some signs that it’s not gonna work and you need to notice. It’s not easy to because you might mistake it for affection and concern but if your man is showing any of these signs, then He’s definitely not for you. Move on!

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Signs He Is Not Ripe For Marriage
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Signs He Is Not Ripe For Marriage

1. He tries to change you

It’s ok if he doesn’t want some things and you know it’s because they’re are not just right but if he continues to complain about everything you do, hey girl, you gotta run!

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2. He complains about your friends

Give me a breather! they were there for you before he asked you to go out with him. So why leave them now that you’re with him?


Find out if some of your friends aren’t trying to woo him. If not, and he still complains about them all the time, then it’s clear that he’s just not for you.

3. He doesn’t appreciate little things

Of course, he should! because that’s a sign that you care about. From buying him little things to making him lunch when you have the chance, to helping him knot his tie when he’s not even asking…….the list goes on and on. Ladies don’t need someone who can’t appreciate it. Nobody does anyways

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4. He makes decisions for you

Whenever you’re faced with a choice, he makes the decision for you. This is a very important observation to take seriously.

This not only means he’s trying to charge you for the choices and decisions you make, but he’s trying to control them.

By letting him make your decisions, he takes control of your life and future. If you let this go on, you become completely dependent on him when you don’t need to be.

Your choices and decisions you make are your own. Don’t let him take away your freedom to make choices for the sake of affection.

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5. He doesn’t call or text

Why on earth is he your partner if h doesn’t call or text? It’s ok if he calls or at least 3 times every day. He might be busy and whenever he thinks about you, he calls or sens a message. But if he’s not calling at all for weeks, call it off!

6. He’s passive-aggressive

He’s clearly frustrated, and if he keeps saying things with a passive-aggressive approach, there’s something wrong. By being consistently passive-aggressive about the littlest of things, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t appreciate you.

This behavior is a sign that he isn’t willing to communicate with you and he’s just hoping that maybe you’ll change on your own with a little nudge here and there. You don’t need to be nudged and you certainly don’t need to change.

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7. He makes your relationship conditional

Constantly being faced with conditional statements about your relationship tears you down. Words like, “If you really love me” or “if you really want to be with me” should warn you that he isn’t getting what he wants from you.

In other words, he’s trying to change you. If he isn’t satisfied with the relationship, he shouldn’t have to change you or ask you to do things for him in order to be happy. You won’t be happy either.

8. He doesn’t value your opinion

It doesn’t matter what you tell him, he just doesn’t listen. If he isn’t considering anything you say and cares only about what he says and believes, he is only being selfish and controlling. His opinion clearly matters more than your own, which is very unhealthy in any relationship.

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There needs to be consistent two-way communication between a couple. The ability to understand and value each other’s opinions must also be present.

Do not ever let him try to change you and don’t you ever dare try to change for him too. It’s best to just end the relationship altogether.

There is someone better out there who will love you just the way you are, who won’t expect you to change for him. truth is, you don’t really need to change for anyone ever.

9. He doesn’t make you smile

He isn’t worth it at all if he can’t make you smile. If everything you share or talk about when it comes to him is just how better he could have done things, then you gotta run! If he can’t at least put a smile on your face, then he’s definitely not the one for you.

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10. He is full of himself

OK. Lots of girls out there love feeling safe around their boyfriends. And that is a perfectly good thing. But to feel safe isn’t everything, one must feel loved also. If he doesn’t make you feel loved then you must cut him off and move on. Life is out there. Explore!

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