The True Meaning of Success


What are the criteria for being successful

What do you understand by success? Some say it is the accomplishment of a goal. When the public declares someone as a successful person. What criteria were seen in the person to make them think is successful? That is what we will talk about.

Some people believe a person is successful if the person is extremely wealthy, some believe having a good career like being a doctor or lawyer is what makes one a success.


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The True Meaning of Success
The True Meaning of Success – Photo Source:

Some believe it’s when you are married to a good husband or wife and have children with the means to cater to them is a success. Students think it’s when you make an A in a subject. Everyone has their own opinion of success. What is your own opinion of success?

I believe success is associated with happiness. Success is doing what you love and making progress in it. When you are successful you are happy.


Sometimes you would see someone that is wealthy but always restless with no peace of mind or epitome of happiness; while you also see a “successful” medical doctor as people call him unhappy.

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Or someone that is married and has children but is always troubled. So I would also ask my self this question. If they truly were successful why do they look so troubled

A success that does not make you happy is not a success. Because people want to be successful they go on the path that does not belong to them all for the sake of success. That’s why you would see someone that is good is art doing medicine all for the sake of being successful.

So with our mindset, we have mapped out which career is successful or not. That is called “poor mentality”. The likes of Dangote who are into entrepreneurship is richer than most medical practitioners.

Happiness and joy what’s the difference
Happiness is short term while joy is long term
Success should produce the latter, everlasting joy. People that seek short cuts to success are those that fall deep to the darkness; instead of being happy they find themselves always weary and uncertain with no peace of mind but if you follow your dreams:
1. You will happy
2. You will strive to improve in it because it’s something you desire and want.
3. When hard times come, you can get back on your feet because it’s something you love; you also know that failure is not failing but when you give up.
4. Doing what you love gives you a huge responsibility and encouragement because you will never get bored of it.

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As I said previously, imagine someone that is good at painting or should I say art in general studying medicine all because he feels medicine is an accomplished career.

He carries huge textbooks to memorize and wants to specialize as a neurosurgeon. That is an error. He has wasted his God-given talent.

Someone that would have become like the likes of Monalisa, Picasso, da Vinci and so on after a few years will be struggling in the medical field, having sleepless night and drinking himself to stupor.

Everyone has a path to follow on this Earth. You don’t just choose a path because the majority says so. Your generations will suffer for every wrong decision you make.

Why do people make such a wrong decision?
1. Parents: sometimes parents are the ones that push their children into careers that are not suitable for them because in their mind there are careers that have low standards and are not worthy; sometimes it’s a family career.

They would call themselves “family of doctors” and push the child to medicine so he can inherit the hospital or take over the family business.

2. Peer group influence: as an individual, you love literature and writing novels but your group of friends belittles authors and degrades it’s value to the extent you are discouraged.

That is how a supposed future William Shakespeare because of an ordinary guy struggling in law school. It’s a quite ironic right
3. Fear and low self-esteem: fear makes us make the wrong decision and lack of self- confidence. It makes us doubt ourselves and makes us go for lesser work because we believe we can’t do well where higher demands are required.

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The fear of failing makes us back out before we fail to forget sometimes risks are part of the reason we succeed.
Do not let anything or person influence you on your way to success because no one on Earth can fully understand the true meaning of success so just go for whatever makes you happy.

In a nutshell, success equates happiness

So we should all seek out our happiness and make progress in it so that we can enjoy the everlasting joy.

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