Top 5 Secrets to Writing Compelling Articles


Many people have thought that writing compelling articles is for sets of talented people called writers. You’ve read great writers.

But you’re not sure of writing compelling articles like they do. The likes of reading Jon Morrow, Sodiq Yusuf, and Abdullahi Tosin make you feel writing compelling articles is a dream far from reality.

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Top 5 Secrets to Writing Compelling Articles
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In this article, we’ll share with you the top 5 secrets to writing compelling articles. These secrets will help you write like the best writers whose writings you’ve always admired. After reading through this article, you’ll discover that you can realize your dream of writing compelling articles.

Let’s kick-off!

Top 5 Secrets to Writing Compelling Articles:

1. Identify your audience

Before you ever think of writing compelling articles, think about the people who will read them. Finding a niche is good, having a platform shows you’re really serious about writing. But, if you never thought about your audience, you’re miles away from writing compelling articles.
What should you know about your audience?

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a. What they love


What does your audience love? Is it a story-like post? A conversational tone? Or a straight-to-the-point kind of post? Find out what your audience appreciates. Give it to them to connect with them in your writing.

b. What they need

What they need is what you should offer them. It shows you’ve got their interest at heart. No one wants to know what’s in your content until they need it.

Form your post title, to your first sentence, paragraphs, through to your conclusion, what you write must meet the needs of your audience.

c. What they face

If you’d write to meet the needs of your readers, you must know what they face. To be right on track with this, ask yourself:
What are their struggles?
Where have they failed?
What are their weaknesses?
What do they want to improve on?
What makes them worry?
What jilters or scare them?

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You show you know your audience when you consider these before you write at all. When these are visible in your content, you’re on your way to writing top compelling articles.

2. Write from your heart

You write great when you write from the core of your being – your heart. It simply means, being original about what you’re writing. It’s a show of personal commitment to your readers.

You connect easily, naturally with your readers when you write to them from your heart’s depth. It creates trust. Your audience wants to read practicable, applicable tips, and ideas from you. It’s only a real, hearty writer that will present these to them.

3. Feel your readers’ pain

Having known the pains your audience goes through, writing topnotch articles on areas that concern them becomes an easy task.
Depict their pains in the wordings of your content. Express their fears in the stories. And pack their worries in sentences sufficient enough to convince them you know every detail of their feelings, failures, and fears.

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4. Heal their wounds

You heal your readers’ wounds when you provide help and solution to their problems. Everyone who wants to master the art of writing topnotch articles must do their homework well in this area.

It’s vital to keep your audience.
When you’re able to proffer solutions, your audience stays with you, depends on you, and relies on your content to heal their wounds.

5. Use power-packed words

Power-packed words, just like the name implies, packs your writing with power and energy. No one loves a dull, scattered, and powerless, boring-to-read article.

Write your content in an appealing and compelling tone, full of humor and urgency, with words causing your audience to spring up to action.

Consider this paragraph:
“If you’ve been trying to play football like C Ronaldo, but you don’t know-how, this is the best place for you. I can teach you to be confident on the pitch, and to do exactly what C Ronaldo would do with the ball.”

Now read this,
“Ever watched the world-class Christiano Ronaldo dribbled past hefty midfielders and tough defenders, skillfully maneuvering the ball into the opponents’ net, and you’d love to play like him? I can take you through all of the drills, tricks, and lessons, that will make you a C Ronaldo on the football pitch!”

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Choose the one which sparks you to action. There you go!

Using power-packed words in your articles create curiosity and enthusiasm in your readers. They won’t twitch their eyelids till they get to the last full stop of your article.
As you can see, writing compelling articles is not beyond you. A dream you should crave to actualize right away is your dream of writing top-notch articles. When you consciously use the top 5 secrets in this article, writing compelling articles will become for you, a dream come true.

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