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You might want to ask, who is Tracy McGrady’s Wife? Well, her name is Clerenda McGrady.

CleRenda McGrady Bio

Clerenda McGrady; is the beautiful, loving, and caring wife of former NBA player Tracy McGrady. During his glorious year in the NBA. They’ve been married since 2006.

Clerenda McGrady is a best selling author, speaker, life coach. She loves living a life of purpose, passion and possibility. Apart from all this, she is a mother of four.

Tracy McGrady wife pics

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Tracy McGrady's Wife: Clerenda McGrady - Bio, Pics, Children, Books and Net Worth






Clerenda McGrady Children

They currently have four children: Layla Clarice McGrady, Laymen Lamar McGrady, Layden McGrady, and Laycee Aloa McGrady.

tracy mcgrady and wife


Clerenda McGrady books

Apart from being a wife, Clerenda Mcgrady is an author of many life inspiring books. Notable ones includes; Push Thru!, Push Thru on Purpose! 31 Days of Self-Coaching, Reflection and Discovery Journal.

Clerenda McGrady Net Worth

We didn’t find this information but her husband Tracy McGrady net worth and salary is about $70 million. His annual salary during the final years of his career was $23 million.

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