10 Places Where to buy Pineberries in California, USA


Are you looking for where to buy pineberries in California ? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will show you where to buy pineberry seeds as well as where to buy pineberries in los angeles.

Pineberry is a white strawberry cultivar with a pineapple-like flavor, white coloring, and red seeds. You will see where to buy fresh pineberries here.

Pineberries come from breeding strawberry stocks from Chile and Virginia. The first commercial cultivation occurred in 2010 in the Netherlands and Belgium.


A pineberry is smaller than a common strawberry, measuring between 15 to 23 mm (0.6 to 0.9 in). When ripe, it is almost completely white, but with red “seeds” (achenes). The plant is disease resistant, but is highly priced, although not very profitable due to small-scale farming, small berry size and low yield. Pineberries are available in the spring and summer.

Pineberry was first sold commercially in the United States in 2012. Pineberry has been marketed to restaurants, bakeries and wholesale markets in Europe and Dubai. The berry was dubbed “pineberry” for the UK market where it became available in 2010 to reflect its “pineapple” flavor while appearing to be a strawberry.

Where Can You Buy Pineberry Plants?

At present, you can’t purchase the commercial pineberry plants to grow in your garden directly from VitalBerry.  However, you can buy the Natural Albino variety from their authorized plant supplier, Beekers Berries, through their Berries @ Home storefront.  For other suppliers in the United States and Europe, visit the links below…

Pineberry Plants for Sale – USA

Plants producing the most famous and prototypical pineberry (the white strawberry with red seeds), are available for sale here in the USA.  At present, sales are offered seasonally.  If they aren’t available or the links aren’t active below, check back in a month or two.  Additionally, the plants tend to sell out quickly.

Where to buy Pineberries in California, USA

Here is the list of suppliers from whom you can buy pineberries in the USA:

1. Hirt’s Gardens
2.  Burpee
3.  Nourse Farms
4.  Burgess Seed & Plant Co.
5.  Park Seed Co.
6.  Kelly Nurseries
7.  Exciting Gardens
8. Hartmann’s Plant Co.
9. Stark Bros.

Pineberry Plants for Sale – UK / Europe

For Europeans, it will likely be easier to buy pineberry plants directly from a European country.  For EU or UK pineberry plants, you can purchase them by from any of the suppliers in the following list.

Here is the list of suppliers from whom you can buy pineberries in the UK / EU:

1.  Suttons Seeds
2.  Lead the Good Life
3.  Crocus
4.  J. Parker’s
5.  MowItSowItGrowIt
6.  Berries @ Home
7.  YouGarden
8.  Telegraph Garden Shop
9.  Gardencentre Koeman
10. offers Fraisier Anablanca (which listed as Fragaria vesca but appears similar to either the White D or White Carolina varieties mentioned above) and Fraisier Ananas (which may be like the typical pineberry, White Pine) for sale online.

While not having the exotic pineapple strawberry taste of the pineberries, there are a actually quite a few varieties of white strawberries available.  You can buy varieties many white strawberry producing plants from suppliers listed in our directory of Strawberry Plants for Sale.  Also, non-pineberry white-strawberry-producing plant seeds can be purchased from several suppliers through the directory link in the next section.  (or, click here to shop and Buy Strawberry Plants by variety)

Where Can You Buy Pineberry Seeds?

pineberry seedsPresently, I know of no suppliers who offer pineberry seeds for sale.  Pineberry plants for sale can be found at the links above, however, and the pineberry seeds can be saved from the fruits you harvest.  However, since the pineberry is a hybrid strawberry, it is very unlikely that plants directly resembling the parent plants will be grown from saved seed.  So, if you really want a typical pineberry experience, buy one of the plants, not seeds.  For seeds of other hybrid and non-hybrid varieties of strawberries, visit our directory of suppliers who do sell Strawberry Seeds.  For more information on pineberry seeds, see Pineberry Seeds for Sale.

As a cautionary note, purple pineberry seeds will not grow any sort of strawberry plant.  ‘Purple Pineberry’ is a specific cultivar of marijuana.  So, ordering and growing purple pineberry seeds off the internet may gain you unwanted attention.

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